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I Just Can’t… Be Vegan Anymore for Poppy & Seed

When I had just begun my journey in the natural health world I had my first “I just can’t” moment when urine therapy hit the scene. Yes, that’s right folks, drinking one’s own pee for health! When I used to think about veganism I’d think of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the main actress’ fiancé is asked if he eats meat. Aunt Voula hears him say he’s vegetarian so she offers to make him lamb instead. If you asked me ten years ago if I’d ever become a vegan, I’d have laughed and said, “I’m Italian, I just can’t be vegan.” But then, during an ethical, spiritual exploration, I did. Well, temporarily at least. I was asked to review activist and author, Sonia Faruqi’s, Project Animal Farm. Her provocative story working undercover on factory farms throughout the world literally made my heart hurt. The atrocious treatment to animals reported in her book was beyond inhumane. I considered the ethical meats I consumed humane, but her first-person account was raw and eye-opening. For about six months after my …

Could Your DNA be as Important as Your Trust Fund?

If along with a lineage of successful careers, trust funds, and summer homes we could leave behind vastly useful health information that simultaneously saves and improves lives, wouldn’t you be hip to that idea? If the legacy we endow is highlighted by a powerful personal choice that contributes to enhancing the wellbeing of our loved ones, nearby communities and eventually society collectively, you’d be up for that, right? SO, have you had your DNA tested? To what degree can self-discovery be collectively advantageous? I know, so many questions… Let’s decode. Full article at Poppy & Seed. Artwork by David Aragon. See his work at Divine Kindness.

Honoring Our Genetic Roots At Poppy & Seed

  “ROOTS. In this issue, we at Poppy & Seed return to our roots in an exploration of identity.” I contributed to this issue on honoring my genetic roots… Last fall I traveled for the first time to Campofelice, Sicily where my Italian family grew up. Situated along the Tyrrhenian seaside just outside of Palermo, Campofelice (which literally translates to “happy camp”), is a small hillside community with a thriving local food. I fell in love at lunch, about three hours after arriving! Every morning my cousin Nina, the cook of the house, began her day in town carefully selecting fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner from her favorite farmstand vendors. If we were to enjoy fish for the big mid-day meal, she’d be up even earlier to meet the local fishermen and snag the best branzino. In the afternoon, off she went for just-baked breads. Meals were beyond fresh, beautiful, and nothing-less-than-peaceful moments spent listening to stories about (you guessed it!) food. Read more here. Photo by Poppy & Seed