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Take Three Lily Farm’s Online Fermentation Class

“While the act of fermentation is microbial and understandable with the use of science, the art of fermentation is a cosmic one. The art dances and teaches the fermenting artist. Through technique we have gained the ability to utilize and co–create, while the ferment acts on its own. It is for this reason, the most experienced fermenter still expects the occasional surprises. You see, this “controlled” process is still quite wild and independent and we can gain a sense of confidence and surrender from this knowledge. By understanding our reliance on our gut flora, we discover a course of action that promotes a positive future. Our genetic inheritance is the only property we truly own and have the potential to pass to our children. This is the only possession we can expand and nourish as our own.” Chef Frank Giglio on fermentation And, that last part is a statement my epigenetic-loving self endorses- I about cried a tear of joy when I read that- it’s the very reason I work in epigenetics. Our ancestral data, …

Voila Pickles!

Last month I was greeted by one of my wonderful patients, Meghan, with a pretty jar of homemade pickles! I wondered how she knew they were one of my most favorite snacks! Feeling an urge to fulfill her culinary curiosities, Meghan procured an assortment of pretty jars, labels, several cucumbers and all of the ingredients that transform crunchy cucumbers into tangy pickles! Meghan instructed me to wait five more days until eating. On the fifth day I practically ate the entire jar! They were tangy and tasty!     If you’re interested in her recipe, she’s happy to share. Drop me a line and I’ll send it off.