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Nucifera Spreads Love To Garden Eats

We are obsessive about what we put into and onto our bods at Garden Eats- obviously you are too, I mean, you’re here at our blog after all. Basically, if a skincare product is near-edible, it’s for us. We love our friend Meredith Baird’s luxe body quench, The Balm. Her medicinal grade ingredients are the stuff all personal care products should be made from. It goes on + our hair + our lips + every inch of our skin + {potential} wrinkles + décolleté + feet + under eyes + your baby’s bum … yes, basically everywhere. I even just used it to cup my daughter to help ward off a cold. In a word, The Balm is nourishing. We want you to feel nourished- because Meredith is super sweet, we’re happy that all of our Garden Eats friends can now feel nourished with 10 % off Nucifera. Before you checkout, enter in all caps, code GARDENEATS. If you’ve already gotten your hands on Nuci, tell us how your bod is loving it! xo Advertisements

Nucifera Co-Founder Meredith Baird Talks About The Balm With Garden Eats

If you haven’t met Meredith, the best way I can describe knowing her is watching how she moves effortlessly through life connecting wonderful people, creating beautiful, high-vibration food and curating the finest in design, art, research and ideas to enhance modern living. Basically, everything she touches around her flourishes- she’s author of several gorgeous raw and vegan food books- her latest is Coconut Kitchen and with the launch of Nucifera comes and entirely new adventure for Meredith, she’s about to become the parent of who we know is going to be a very cultured babe! Please welcome Garden Eats’ friend, the lovely, Meredith Baird, co-founder of what we’ve found is now one of life’s necessities, Nucifera’s The Balm. Garden Eats: We use Nucifera on all of my parts haha. What’s your favorite use for Nucifera? Meredith Baird for Nucifera: I think my favorite thing to use it for is actually as a face wash. I massage into my skin (and on my eyes if wearing eye makeup) and remove with a warm washcloth to gently …