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DIY Wreath: Creating Hygge + Merriment with Hannah Betts of Lives Styled

Please welcome back friend, stylist and photographer, Hannah Betts of Lives Styled. Today she’s sharing her minimalist love for holiday decorating. Inspired by Hannah’s minimalist wreath designs she posted to the Lives Styled Instagram last week, I’m having friends over tonight to create some of our own to cozy up our spaces. Check out Hannah’s how-to & let us know how yours turn out by posting pics and tagging #DIYlivesstyled and #hyggejournal with your own version of this minimalist wreath! W O R D S and photos by Hannah Betts I love the tradition of the holidays, but when it comes to decorating, I am drawn toward more of a minimalist look. These wreaths are the perfect way to decorate for the holidays in a modern esthetic. Supplies Gold macrame ring Floral wire Decor elements such as stones, gold wire, leather, wooden circles, pinecones etc. Floral and greens- most of mine were foraged from my backyard but you can also pick up some floral and greens from your favorite local florist Glue gun/sticks Scissors or …

Drought Approved: Alt Grass & Succulent Minimalism 

If you’re itching to landscape {I am!}, but have been avoiding digging in, go for it now {quick, quick} while the ground is still moist from the recent tropical rains here in San Diego. Wait much longer and you’ll be back to an inhospitable environment for new plant-friends.  Go for decomposed granite, barks and boulders. Make a less is more statement by sectioning off smaller gardens instead of covering your entire property with plant-life and fill big containers with succulents that can be easily rearranged seasonally depending on the sun’s intensity. I always look to the midcentury mod landscaping of Palm Springs and Palm Desert to inspire my minimal garden vibe here at home.  I like to mix it up a bit with tiny, low growing alt grasses and succulents that look like they’re from the sea. My top drought-tolerant picks: Dwarf mondo grass Thyme {coccineus creeping red} Echeveria Asiatic jasmine Aloinopsis Aptenia Blue chalk sticks  Corsican mint Sedum Crassula jade