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Nucifera Spreads Love To Garden Eats

We are obsessive about what we put into and onto our bods at Garden Eats- obviously you are too, I mean, you’re here at our blog after all. Basically, if a skincare product is near-edible, it’s for us. We love our friend Meredith Baird’s luxe body quench, The Balm. Her medicinal grade ingredients are the stuff all personal care products should be made from. It goes on + our hair + our lips + every inch of our skin + {potential} wrinkles + décolleté + feet + under eyes + your baby’s bum … yes, basically everywhere. I even just used it to cup my daughter to help ward off a cold. In a word, The Balm is nourishing. We want you to feel nourished- because Meredith is super sweet, we’re happy that all of our Garden Eats friends can now feel nourished with 10 % off Nucifera. Before you checkout, enter in all caps, code GARDENEATS. If you’ve already gotten your hands on Nuci, tell us how your bod is loving it! xo Advertisements

Nucifera Co-Founder Meredith Baird Talks About The Balm With Garden Eats

If you haven’t met Meredith, the best way I can describe knowing her is watching how she moves effortlessly through life connecting wonderful people, creating beautiful, high-vibration food and curating the finest in design, art, research and ideas to enhance modern living. Basically, everything she touches around her flourishes- she’s author of several gorgeous raw and vegan food books- her latest is Coconut Kitchen and with the launch of Nucifera comes and entirely new adventure for Meredith, she’s about to become the parent of who we know is going to be a very cultured babe! Please welcome Garden Eats’ friend, the lovely, Meredith Baird, co-founder of what we’ve found is now one of life’s necessities, Nucifera’s The Balm. Garden Eats: We use Nucifera on all of my parts haha. What’s your favorite use for Nucifera? Meredith Baird for Nucifera: I think my favorite thing to use it for is actually as a face wash. I massage into my skin (and on my eyes if wearing eye makeup) and remove with a warm washcloth to gently …

Mocktail Cocktail M.A.K.E.out Sesh!

Who says that “mocktails” can’t be as good as their counterparts overflowing with booze? Not me! My friends at the Matthew Kenny Raw Food Culinary Academy in Santa Monica invited me to teach their advanced level students an evening of culinary craft cocktails. With this fun invitation, they asked if I would highlight flavor profiles that could still come alive without the use of alcohol. No problem. The students were super welcoming and very open to learning about infusing medicinal herbs and superfoods into drinks that could be served to entertain and be enjoyed as healthy tonics as well. And me? Well, they hooked me on gourmet vegan, raw cheese! Instead of gin, we used fresh, unfiltered kombucha. The blue cheese and beet garnish? Vegan, raw semi-soft cheese. We did try a little unfiltered Rose wine in one of our drinks- so good!

Happy Raw Thanksgiving With The Talented Meredith Baird

Still planning the finishing touches for your Thanksgiving menu? We’ve got just the food therapy treats you’ll want to serve your guests! Meredith Baird, new friend, author and LA based raw food chef was sweet enough to offer us two creative, seasonal recipes that will be gracing our table tomorrow! New to raw food? Don’t be shy– minimally prepared and bursting with flavor, a creatively done dish by Meredith will leave you (and your tummy) wanting more! Meredith would describe herself as somewhat of a renaissance woman (I think we can relate). Her love of design and pursuit of everyday happiness is evidenced through the pages of her upcoming book, Everyday Raw Detox.  I’ve been lucky enough to sneak a look- the colors vividly come right off the page… the recipes are simple to assemble, yet masterfully crafted to maximize the nutrition and beauty we love about culinary food therapy. If you’re a food lover, seasoned taste tester or even a newbie to food therapy, Meredith’s recipes are ones to share with all! We can’t wait …