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Countdown to Upstate Social Sessions 2016 On October 15th

In just under a week, on October 15th, Upstate Social Sessions 2016 will be underway. During last year’s debut, I had the fun opportunity to moderate the panel that featured a few food industry professionals killing it in the social media sector. I caught up with Upstate Social Sessions’ and Boomtown Table‘s co-founder and friend, Leah Stacy to get the dish on this year’s big day and hear about why food industry professionals should be there this weekend. Garden Eats: Why should food industry professionals attend Upstate Social Sessions this year? Upstate Social Sessions: These days, everyone has two things in common: social media and eating. (OK, maybe not really… But pretty close.) Social media platforms are free (or low cost), highly effective advertising tools for folks in the food industry. A restaurant’s social media can be utilized for everything from new menu announcements to daily specials. Food trucks can update their whereabouts. Products can share photos and quotes from customers. Branding, of course, is a big deal as well. We’ll be covering several topics …

West Comes East Dinner: Lives Styled X Christine Dionese

West comes East + A celebration with friends new and old that brought the SoCal vibe I love to my Rochester roots through the colors of vibrantly alive food & drink. + Collaborating with friends Hannah & Maryn of Lives Styled has been organic from the start- this special night was yet another reminder of why the three of us love to entertain & connect with people over food. + Guests arrived as the last hours of Sunday’s natural light poured through the Lives Styled loft and stayed to chat until it was lit by candlelight. H E L L O A M U S E  B O U C H E P E T I T E  C O C K T A I L S   S H A R E D  C O U R S E G O O D N I G H T T H A N K  Y O U ! … to designer Devry Drosky, Grandma Rose, Collin McConville with Apple Country Spirits, The Flower Well, Cassandra Poindexter …

Radish Tonic The Chalkboard Magazine Thinks Is Better Than Botox

Ready to trade fine lines for smooth summer skin? Packed with anti-aging and longevity conferring herbs and superfoods, this skin-soothing juice tonic means out with the old and in with the new! If there’s one place on the body that is telling of time and lifestyle, it’s our facial and neck skin. While there are some pretty amazing topical skin foods on the market now, most of us know that to erase the “signs of the times” from our skin, it requires us to commit to working on it consistently. Endocrine-disrupting environmental pollutants that travel via air, water and food don’t do our skin any favors and why we really need to renew tissue health from within. Bonus with this recipe? It rejuvenates while it detoxifies. Pair my edible sunscreen with this skin-plumping tonic for all-around skin protection. Recipe for the radish tonic here at the Chalkboard Magazine. Styling and photography by Lives Styled of Rochester, New York. Produce procured from Bolton Farms & Specialty Produce.

Saffron Latte & Spring Immunity Toolkit via The Chalkboard Magazine

Spring is the season that signals the gradual opening of our yang, the more active side of our energetic flow. No longer needing to store energy, we trade our winter yin layer for a more outward interaction with the environment. But, not so fast. Remember, spring weather can be unpredictable – a cool day today and hot and windy the next – and that may disturb immunity. Integrate my toolkit into your daily routine to help prevent the early spring immunity slump from slowing you down! Find it and my saffron latte recipe at The Chalkboard Magazine here.