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Take Three Lily Farm’s Online Fermentation Class

“While the act of fermentation is microbial and understandable with the use of science, the art of fermentation is a cosmic one. The art dances and teaches the fermenting artist. Through technique we have gained the ability to utilize and co–create, while the ferment acts on its own. It is for this reason, the most experienced fermenter still expects the occasional surprises. You see, this “controlled” process is still quite wild and independent and we can gain a sense of confidence and surrender from this knowledge. By understanding our reliance on our gut flora, we discover a course of action that promotes a positive future. Our genetic inheritance is the only property we truly own and have the potential to pass to our children. This is the only possession we can expand and nourish as our own.” Chef Frank Giglio on fermentation And, that last part is a statement my epigenetic-loving self endorses- I about cried a tear of joy when I read that- it’s the very reason I work in epigenetics. Our ancestral data, …

Private Class at The Rochester Brainery With Anima Mundi + Boocha Babe Kombucha

A few weeks ago I taught a super fun private tonics + mocktails class at The Rochester Brainery with help from friends at herbal apothecary, Anima Mundi and Rochester’s very own kombucha fermenter, Boocha Babe. Knowing this delay of fall Rochester is experiencing won’t last forever, I decided to help the class create simple, yet effective drinks to keep immunity in check and, just have fun playing around with plant-based flavors. By the end of class we dialed in a few of our favorites and took notes so everyone could whip em up at home as needed all season long! I explained how mocktails were a great way to stay healthy and social at the same time. You know the drill- you show up to a party not knowing anyone and reach for that ice breaking, socially lubricating cocktail. Some occasions you’re not really in the mood for a cocktail, or, you don’t drink, or, you simply want to sip on something that will help, not possibly hinder your health! And, we know immunity can …

Radish Tonic The Chalkboard Magazine Thinks Is Better Than Botox

Ready to trade fine lines for smooth summer skin? Packed with anti-aging and longevity conferring herbs and superfoods, this skin-soothing juice tonic means out with the old and in with the new! If there’s one place on the body that is telling of time and lifestyle, it’s our facial and neck skin. While there are some pretty amazing topical skin foods on the market now, most of us know that to erase the “signs of the times” from our skin, it requires us to commit to working on it consistently. Endocrine-disrupting environmental pollutants that travel via air, water and food don’t do our skin any favors and why we really need to renew tissue health from within. Bonus with this recipe? It rejuvenates while it detoxifies. Pair my edible sunscreen with this skin-plumping tonic for all-around skin protection. Recipe for the radish tonic here at the Chalkboard Magazine. Styling and photography by Lives Styled of Rochester, New York. Produce procured from Bolton Farms & Specialty Produce.

Lilac Kombucha For Edible Magazine San Diego

Had some dehydrated lavender from a trip to Rochester- put it to the kombucha test with an adapted Weston Price recipe. Today we tried it with Lion’s Mane mushroom powder. So good! Let us know if you try it! Ingredients 3 quarts clean water 1 cup evaporated cane sugar 1 tablespoon loose-leaf, organic, black tea ⅓ cup dehydrated white lilac (can use any edible dehydrated flower or herb) 1 tablespoon dried & ground savory 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 1 SCOBY Misc 1 heat safe glass bowl or wide-mouth jar roll of food safe or masking tape rubber bands woven cloth/muslin/cheesecloth muslin tea bags for tea and flowers Method Bring one quart water to a boil, remove from heat & pour into heat-safe glass jar or bowl. Add sugar, tea, savory & flowers stirring until sugar dissolves. Cover & steep tea/flowers/savory for about 15 minutes. Remove tea/flowers/savory & add additional two quarts of water. Add apple cider vinegar & dark side down of SCOBY into liquid. Cover container tightly with cloth & rubber band. If …

Mocktail Cocktail M.A.K.E.out Sesh!

Who says that “mocktails” can’t be as good as their counterparts overflowing with booze? Not me! My friends at the Matthew Kenny Raw Food Culinary Academy in Santa Monica invited me to teach their advanced level students an evening of culinary craft cocktails. With this fun invitation, they asked if I would highlight flavor profiles that could still come alive without the use of alcohol. No problem. The students were super welcoming and very open to learning about infusing medicinal herbs and superfoods into drinks that could be served to entertain and be enjoyed as healthy tonics as well. And me? Well, they hooked me on gourmet vegan, raw cheese! Instead of gin, we used fresh, unfiltered kombucha. The blue cheese and beet garnish? Vegan, raw semi-soft cheese. We did try a little unfiltered Rose wine in one of our drinks- so good!