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How To Make Herbal Hydrosols Featured at The Merry Thought

Although we seem to be enjoying an Indian summer this year, cooler temps will soon replace the warmth and the first frost will follow. When I look around the garden this time of year, I think of it as one more chance to collect health-attracting ingredients to be used in the kitchen now or preserved in some way for the seasons ahead. A fun way to use my herbs as fall approaches is by creating hydrosols! Check out my DIY over at our friend’s blog The Merry Thought and while you’re at it, grab your tickets to this weekend’s Upstate Social Sessions. Caitlin and Amanda will be featuring styling and shooting how-tos for blogging in one of the conference’s afternoon break out sessions. Have fun, check them out! Gorgeous photo by Caitlin McGrath of The Merry Thought Advertisements

In EcoKatLA’s Medicinal Garden & Growing Medicinals In The CA Drought

It’s been a tough year for most of our growing friends- especially ones who grow plants used for medicines. Many had to make challenging decisions due to the exceptionally dry conditions. Our friend Kat, joining us today from LA today is no exception. Without optimal soil nourishment, the drought had her thinking twice about how she’d be wise with her resources this season, yet still grow the healing plants she’s known for providing the greater Los Angeles community. We caught up with Kat in her medicinal garden for a chat on what her season looked like. Garden Eats: What new herbs or plants are you growing this year Kat? Kat: We’re growing a few new varieties this year that will add to the resiliency of our gardens. One was gifted to us by a friend, an Ice Cream Bean tree (Inga edulis), which is a fast-growing, nitrogen- fixing and drought-tolerant shade tree that bares bean pods after about three years. The pods are filled with beans and surrounding them is this cottony white filling that …