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Summer Market at The Little Black House This Saturday, June 24th in Little Italy

Come celebrate summer solstice and the new moon with a fun afternoon of shopping and bites by flavor ID! The summer market is being hosted by Little Black House and Dutch in the north end of Little Italy. flavor ID will be part of a beautiful giveaway gifting one lucky person a trial of their new service! Visit from 10-2 to shop, enjoy seasonal organic bites and sip a botanical cocktail with us and tell everyone Garden Eats sent you! Check out who will be there! @earthbeancoffee @haystackfloral @housgoods @recycledlovers @adutchlife

Party with flavor ID at the Fullest Magazine Launch Friday Night in Venice Beach

Maybe you remember my article on emotional eating at the Fullest Magazine? Well guess what- it’s featured in their debut print edition! We’re celebrating the release with flavor ID at Love Yoga in Venice Beach this Friday the 14th at 7:30! Come down for a taste of flavor ID‘s Amuse Bouche, a sweet thing and a mocktail they’ve created especially for The Fullest’s guest’s socializing pleasure! Come amuse your mouth and social pleasures with us this Friday night. RSVP here.


In the 1970s, each of the United States determined organic standards based on regional limitations and production practices. But the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 claimed too much variability existed across state lines, and by 2000, the USDA had developed standardized national organic certification standards. Now, disparities many consumers aren’t aware of exist among the quality of (and ethics behind) organic food available through farmers markets, directly from farms, and from big chain grocers. Fast forward a quarter of a century to 2017, and we’re left wondering who those labeling and certifying regulations protect: is it the consumers, local farmers and small businesses, or big organic corporations? And at what cost? The big question for everyone today is whether to certify or not – and why? Photo by Steve Carter, Social Strategist for Boomtown Table FOR FARMERS PRACTICING ABOVE AND BEYOND ORGANIC STANDARDS, THEY SAY LITTLE MOTIVATING INCENTIVE EXISTS FOR THEM TO CERTIFY – AND OUR INTERVIEWEES AGREED: IF ANYONE SHOULD BE UPHELD TO CERTIFICATION STANDARDS, IT IS THE FARMERS USING GMOS AND PESTICIDES IN THEIR GROWING.  …

I Just Can’t… Be Vegan Anymore for Poppy & Seed

When I had just begun my journey in the natural health world I had my first “I just can’t” moment when urine therapy hit the scene. Yes, that’s right folks, drinking one’s own pee for health! When I used to think about veganism I’d think of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the main actress’ fiancé is asked if he eats meat. Aunt Voula hears him say he’s vegetarian so she offers to make him lamb instead. If you asked me ten years ago if I’d ever become a vegan, I’d have laughed and said, “I’m Italian, I just can’t be vegan.” But then, during an ethical, spiritual exploration, I did. Well, temporarily at least. I was asked to review activist and author, Sonia Faruqi’s, Project Animal Farm. Her provocative story working undercover on factory farms throughout the world literally made my heart hurt. The atrocious treatment to animals reported in her book was beyond inhumane. I considered the ethical meats I consumed humane, but her first-person account was raw and eye-opening. For about six months after my …