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A Farm Grows In Rochester: Interview with Seedfolk City Farm for Boomtown Table

Lisa Barker didn’t grow up wondering where her next meal was coming from, but food security issues directly affect over 135,000 people — many of them youth — in the Rochester area. Seedfolk City Farm, where Barker serves as director, started as a response to food security with the mission to create sustainable, resourcefulness through food growing. Three years after it began, Seedfolk has transformed into a viable, multi-site urban farm across the city. I chat with Barker about what’s ahead for winter, Seedfolk’s latest endeavors aimed toward culinary career collaborations — and an exciting development in store for spring 2016. Read the interview at Boomtown Table. Advertisements

In EcoKatLA’s Medicinal Garden & Growing Medicinals In The CA Drought

It’s been a tough year for most of our growing friends- especially ones who grow plants used for medicines. Many had to make challenging decisions due to the exceptionally dry conditions. Our friend Kat, joining us today from LA today is no exception. Without optimal soil nourishment, the drought had her thinking twice about how she’d be wise with her resources this season, yet still grow the healing plants she’s known for providing the greater Los Angeles community. We caught up with Kat in her medicinal garden for a chat on what her season looked like. Garden Eats: What new herbs or plants are you growing this year Kat? Kat: We’re growing a few new varieties this year that will add to the resiliency of our gardens. One was gifted to us by a friend, an Ice Cream Bean tree (Inga edulis), which is a fast-growing, nitrogen- fixing and drought-tolerant shade tree that bares bean pods after about three years. The pods are filled with beans and surrounding them is this cottony white filling that …

Pests Out Creativity In! See Us Interviewed at ‘Another Jennifer’

We recently hooked up with Jennifer Barbour of ‘Another Jennifer’ the multi-talented copywriter, new media specialist, mother of two and avid gardener! She asked us to share our tips on keeping pests out of her (urban) Maine garden and allow the creativity to flow! Kath and I shared our tips here! Let us know what you think!