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Dinner at Axom Gallery In Rochester, NY With flavor ID x Lives Styled

The poster pretty much says it all! Join us for a fun evening of conversation and food inspired by Congruent show, currently on exhibit at Axom Gallery in Rochester, NY. Hope to see you all there! You can purchase tickets for you and a friend or a fun date night, here. Installation by Lives Styled and St. Monci. Photos by Hannah Betts. Advertisements

Honoring Our Genetic Roots At Poppy & Seed

  “ROOTS. In this issue, we at Poppy & Seed return to our roots in an exploration of identity.” I contributed to this issue on honoring my genetic roots… Last fall I traveled for the first time to Campofelice, Sicily where my Italian family grew up. Situated along the Tyrrhenian seaside just outside of Palermo, Campofelice (which literally translates to “happy camp”), is a small hillside community with a thriving local food. I fell in love at lunch, about three hours after arriving! Every morning my cousin Nina, the cook of the house, began her day in town carefully selecting fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner from her favorite farmstand vendors. If we were to enjoy fish for the big mid-day meal, she’d be up even earlier to meet the local fishermen and snag the best branzino. In the afternoon, off she went for just-baked breads. Meals were beyond fresh, beautiful, and nothing-less-than-peaceful moments spent listening to stories about (you guessed it!) food. Read more here. Photo by Poppy & Seed

Mary Ann Lana of Hopscotch & Dandelions Feeds Her Family WELL- So Can YOU!

Today we’re happy to welcome education specialist and one of our favorite photographers and friends, Ms. Mary Ann Lana. By day Mary Ann is traveling from classroom to classroom improving the literacy of New York school children. Her weekends are dedicated to Hopscotch & Dandelions, her family and family photography firm. Mary Ann is also mother to three cool kids! You might remember reading her post last year, The Hiding of the Green where she talked of her new adventure feeding her youngest son green power foods in all of his meals. Mary Ann has been inspired to accentuate her family’s health by going organic and gluten free. We asked if she’d like to tell other readers about her experiences because we know so many of you have busy lives like us and wonder, “how can I feed my kids well amid the crazy schedule???” Like Juli Novotny of Pure Mamas said in her interview with us recently, “if you have time for a Facebook account, then you have time to cook.” And, it’s true! …

Garden Eats Gift-It Picks For The Week

If you’re anything like us, you find yourself holiday shopping all year round. With a mild addiction to websites like Etsy and Pinterest, it’s hard for us not to over here! If you’re still having a hard time finding personalized gifts for your gardening, foodie and eco-aware friends and family, here are this week’s Garden Eats picks. Happy shopping!  

“Because Who Really Wants Any of That With Breakfast?” asks Nature’s Path

A reader wrote in asking for advice on label reading. Some of their questions included: how do I know: if this is a GMO food? if this is organic? what the difference is between natural or organic on a label? if this is an eco-friendly product? I love Nature’s Path Hemp Granola- they do an excellent job with their box packaging design. Not only did they reduce the size of their boxes (not less granola, less packaging), they use every square inch of it to educate about organics, GMOs, why not to use pesticides on food being grown… all of the healthy and ethical know-how everyday consumers need and want to understand while making their food choices. Do you have a fave food that helps educate consumers with their packaging? Tell us your faves in the comments below!