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Design Duo Chantal & Ryan of The Horticult Join Garden Eats Today

Photos courtesy of The Horticult Tucked away in one of La Jolla’s quiet seaside neighborhoods, you may not have known about The Horticult’s “secret garden” but as you approach, the secret is out for sure, or should I say up? Just before entering you can see vivid chartreuse passion flower vines climbing up toward the sun along Horticult co-founder, Ryan’s recently created copper trellis. A look to the left and you’re met by the massive Feijoa Guava Tree branches that are almost in bloom. But when you finally walk through the gate to glance at The Horticult’s lush expanse, your jaw literally drops, mine still does- every single time I visit! Chantal and Ryan, co-creators of The Horticult have managed to conscientiously maximize every inch of their backyard garden– Ryan has a penchant for getting vertical with several new plant installments growing up along the walls. Chantal says the garden is her perfect oasis after long hours at the office. Please welcome friends and design-duo, Ryan and Chantal to Garden Eats! Garden Eats: Chantal, your writing …

Concrete Geometric Sharing V-Day Love With the LA Food Bank

I don’t really crush on movie stars {much}, more like designers, chefs and writers- people who are industrious, make things with their hands and are creatively resourceful. You might remember us featuring Concrete Geometric last year at Garden Eats, an LA based co. concepting aesthetic through concrete and of course, a current design crush of mine. While Concrete Geometric might be modest and minimal, the co.’s reputation is not- CG was recently featured at the design show Unique USA, in Southwest Magazine and other countless sites across the web. I invited Krizia, the gal behind the designs back for a chat and to feature her very cool, new V-Day heart collection. Krizia will generously donate proceeds on her sales of the hearts to the LA Food Bank this season. Garden Eats: The last time we caught up you were generously donating proceeds from your vase designs to the Nica Foundation in Nicaragua. This season you’re donating sales on your new hearts design to the LA Food Bank. Did you start Concrete Geometric with the intention …

Make You Happy New Year Giveways

Garden Eats L O V E S the winter holidays. How much? So much so that we’re ringing in the beginning of 2013 with more fun giveaways! For the next three weeks we’ll be giving away a cook book that helps you reduce food waste, boxes of one of our fave real-food bars and a fun modular system to keep your plant friends cozy! How can you win this cool stuff? If you aren’t subscribed to blog posts yet, click on the front page of the site to grab a free subscription now. More into Facebook than blogging? No problem- we’ll be featuring the giveaways on our page as well. Happy winning!

Food Pyramid Re-Designed via GOOD

Are you a GOOD reader? They’re so GOOD to us for highlighting the new double food pyramid by the Barilla Center for Food. This new design asks us to consider how our eating patterns relate to sustainable modern living. Check it out. How do you eat? See if this wakes you up a bit. If you like to see the science like I do, check it out at the Barilla Center’s position papers. I guarantee if you don’t at least learn something new they will still spark you to think harder, better and smarter not only about what you shovel into your mouth, but how you choose and grow food as well.