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DIY Wreath: Creating Hygge + Merriment with Hannah Betts of Lives Styled

Please welcome back friend, stylist and photographer, Hannah Betts of Lives Styled. Today she’s sharing her minimalist love for holiday decorating. Inspired by Hannah’s minimalist wreath designs she posted to the Lives Styled Instagram last week, I’m having friends over tonight to create some of our own to cozy up our spaces. Check out Hannah’s how-to & let us know how yours turn out by posting pics and tagging #DIYlivesstyled and #hyggejournal with your own version of this minimalist wreath! W O R D S and photos by Hannah Betts I love the tradition of the holidays, but when it comes to decorating, I am drawn toward more of a minimalist look. These wreaths are the perfect way to decorate for the holidays in a modern esthetic. Supplies Gold macrame ring Floral wire Decor elements such as stones, gold wire, leather, wooden circles, pinecones etc. Floral and greens- most of mine were foraged from my backyard but you can also pick up some floral and greens from your favorite local florist Glue gun/sticks Scissors or …

Ask Garden Eats: How Do I Cook Artichokes?

Q: I loooove the artichokes that my grandmother makes, but have no clue how to cook them. They’re starting to come in my CSA box this week and I need to figure out what to do with them. Any advice and is it hard? Beth Santa Barbara, Calfornia Garden Eats: We love the artichokes that my grandmother, uncle John and my dad make, so we blended all three of their methods to create our own. And, yes, we guarantee it’s easy! Artichoke prep is key! Be sure to chop off the top of your artichoke so it has a flat top (you’ll see from the pics). Now pull off the exterior leaves. You’ll know you’ve picked enough because the outer most leaves contain protective (and sharp) thistles at the crest of their leaves. We chop the stem making it blunt with the bottom of the artichokes so they’ll sit flat in our pan. Now, wash your artichokes thoroughly- dirt gets in those nooks, so a spray is great. Turn over in a colander to drain while …

Ask Garden Eats: Why Is Vitamin C So Important?

Q: I was wondering why vitamin C is so important for people’s health. I’m learning about nutrition in one of my classes right now (I go to High Tech Middle School). My mom and dad like your website and said I should write to you and ask. Oh, we have a big garden at home (I think you helped them build it) so if vitamin C is important, I need to know what I should be picking. Thanks for answering my question! Johnston C. Student at High Tech Middle School San Diego California Garden Eats: That’s an awesome question Johnston, so glad you wrote to us! Also great to hear you’re learning about nutrition in your school! While all vitamins and minerals work together to keep us healthy, vitamin C is a big one! It has many jobs and functions to help keep us healthy everyday. The awesome thing about vitamin C is that it is abundant! Found in so many foods in such high values, none of us should really have trouble getting enough. …

My Little Blue Bike

… Great question in tonight about kale (from a newbie gardener) inspired me to procure the spongey greens to demo the answer. Instead of grabbing the keys to zoom down to the store, I did this instead: got on my little blue bike and pedaled briskly about ten minutes from my house to the local market … I saved money by grabbing the (locally grown) kale just minutes from my house by riding my little blue bike … that also happened to be free exercise got me out of the house helped me feel present and conscious … Rode home with the sun on my back smiling. Funky recipe comes next.

We’re In The Garden, But We Love Your Questions!

Howdy everyone! We’ve been so busy in the gardens and off on some field trips we haven’t had a moment to get in front of the computer these past two weeks! We love all of the questions you’ve been throwing our way though! We’ll be back tomorrow to discuss everything from bunnies in your garden to “accidental” hybrid plants!… And, we hear some of you haven’t been able to plant on the East coast because it’s been so wet! No worries, we have some ideas to cheer you up and get your plants in the ground this weekend! Thanks for poking at us- we’ll be back here tomorrow!