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BasilHealth’s Take On Our Basil Julep + A Mocktail

I love when someone puts their spin on one of my drinks- this time my girl Juli Novotny, creator of Pure Mamas and BasilHealth‘s health and lifestyle journalist whipped up the Basil Julep from my collection, The Best Craft Cocktails. Juli decided to add mint and blackberries to her drink. Considering how hot it still is here in SoCal, we say break out the julep cups and stir up their version this weekend! If you’re opting out on whiskey, sub in Pau D’Arco, Lapsang Souchang, or Yerba Mate tea! Photo by Juli Novotny

Private Class at The Rochester Brainery With Anima Mundi + Boocha Babe Kombucha

A few weeks ago I taught a super fun private tonics + mocktails class at The Rochester Brainery with help from friends at herbal apothecary, Anima Mundi and Rochester’s very own kombucha fermenter, Boocha Babe. Knowing this delay of fall Rochester is experiencing won’t last forever, I decided to help the class create simple, yet effective drinks to keep immunity in check and, just have fun playing around with plant-based flavors. By the end of class we dialed in a few of our favorites and took notes so everyone could whip em up at home as needed all season long! I explained how mocktails were a great way to stay healthy and social at the same time. You know the drill- you show up to a party not knowing anyone and reach for that ice breaking, socially lubricating cocktail. Some occasions you’re not really in the mood for a cocktail, or, you don’t drink, or, you simply want to sip on something that will help, not possibly hinder your health! And, we know immunity can …

The Night Edition: Brain Boosting Tonic via The Chalkboard Magazine

Being a native New Yorker and lifelong night owl, I often find myself staying up into the wee hours working. I also find that my brain requires a little extra help the next day – help staying focused and energized, and help counteracting my tendency to reach for my beloved espresso pot. Sacrificing a happy hour with friends because I have to work makes it tempting to imbibe at home, but we all know that the dehydrating nature of alcohol doesn’t exactly quench thirsty neurons! This brain food tonic poured straight into a cocktail glass always does the trick. Grab the recipe here.