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Private Class at The Rochester Brainery With Anima Mundi + Boocha Babe Kombucha

A few weeks ago I taught a super fun private tonics + mocktails class at The Rochester Brainery with help from friends at herbal apothecary, Anima Mundi and Rochester’s very own kombucha fermenter, Boocha Babe. Knowing this delay of fall Rochester is experiencing won’t last forever, I decided to help the class create simple, yet effective drinks to keep immunity in check and, just have fun playing around with plant-based flavors. By the end of class we dialed in a few of our favorites and took notes so everyone could whip em up at home as needed all season long! I explained how mocktails were a great way to stay healthy and social at the same time. You know the drill- you show up to a party not knowing anyone and reach for that ice breaking, socially lubricating cocktail. Some occasions you’re not really in the mood for a cocktail, or, you don’t drink, or, you simply want to sip on something that will help, not possibly hinder your health! And, we know immunity can …

SoCal Indian Summer Hydration

Can you say Indian summer in SoCal? I thought just maybe with last week’s drizzle, rain and damp weather that fall was actually on the way… Not so much! Whether you’re in or outside today, it’s hot. 96 degrees hot (and apparently the hottest day of 2016 in SoCal). Here’s a fast, easy, juice or smoothie to stay hydrated and, it’s likely you’ve got all of the ingredients at home already. Drink up & stay cool! Indian Summer Hot In Cali Hydration Ingredients 1 cup frozen blueberries 1/2 juiced lemon 1 Persian or kirby cucumber chopped 1 handful watercress 1 tsp multi-strain non-GMO probiotics {optional} Method High speed blender method 1. Place 1/2 juiced lemon in high speed blender along with chopped cucumber and blend until a liquid consistency is achieved. 2. Add watercress and continue blending to keep the liquid consistency. 3. Add blueberries and blend until all ingredients are incorporated. Add probiotics, stir and serve. Juicer method 1. Add all ingredients one by one to your juicer minus probiotics. 2. Once done juicing, …

The Night Edition: Brain Boosting Tonic via The Chalkboard Magazine

Being a native New Yorker and lifelong night owl, I often find myself staying up into the wee hours working. I also find that my brain requires a little extra help the next day – help staying focused and energized, and help counteracting my tendency to reach for my beloved espresso pot. Sacrificing a happy hour with friends because I have to work makes it tempting to imbibe at home, but we all know that the dehydrating nature of alcohol doesn’t exactly quench thirsty neurons! This brain food tonic poured straight into a cocktail glass always does the trick. Grab the recipe here.

Radish Tonic The Chalkboard Magazine Thinks Is Better Than Botox

Ready to trade fine lines for smooth summer skin? Packed with anti-aging and longevity conferring herbs and superfoods, this skin-soothing juice tonic means out with the old and in with the new! If there’s one place on the body that is telling of time and lifestyle, it’s our facial and neck skin. While there are some pretty amazing topical skin foods on the market now, most of us know that to erase the “signs of the times” from our skin, it requires us to commit to working on it consistently. Endocrine-disrupting environmental pollutants that travel via air, water and food don’t do our skin any favors and why we really need to renew tissue health from within. Bonus with this recipe? It rejuvenates while it detoxifies. Pair my edible sunscreen with this skin-plumping tonic for all-around skin protection. Recipe for the radish tonic here at the Chalkboard Magazine. Styling and photography by Lives Styled of Rochester, New York. Produce procured from Bolton Farms & Specialty Produce.

Got Your Tickets For The 2016 Rochester Cocktail Revival Yet?

Rochester Cocktail Revival May 9-15, 2016 from Fish & Crown Creative on Vimeo. Countdown 6 days and events are selling out fast, got tickets to your favorite upcoming seminars and parties for the 2016 Rochester Cocktail Revival? While we think you should attend all of RCR’s events next week, definitely score tickets to our top picks! Stirred, Not Shaken Friday, May 13th, a new perspective is shown on the cocktails and art inspired by the James Bond series of films. Join Absolut vodka brand ambassador Josh Pearson and George Eastman curator Lisa Hostetler for a presentation and guided tour showcasing cocktails such as the vesper as well as the photographic works of Taryn Simon. Secrets of the Mint Julep & Sazerac Few cocktails are as important in American history as the Mint Julep and Sazerac. Join author Robert Moss at the Little Theatre on Sunday, May 15th as he dispels rumors and illustrates the legends that reveal the secretive origins of these inimitable drinks. Bar Room Battle Royale The third-annual ULTIMATE BATTLE for Rochester Bartender …

Saffron Latte & Spring Immunity Toolkit via The Chalkboard Magazine

Spring is the season that signals the gradual opening of our yang, the more active side of our energetic flow. No longer needing to store energy, we trade our winter yin layer for a more outward interaction with the environment. But, not so fast. Remember, spring weather can be unpredictable – a cool day today and hot and windy the next – and that may disturb immunity. Integrate my toolkit into your daily routine to help prevent the early spring immunity slump from slowing you down! Find it and my saffron latte recipe at The Chalkboard Magazine here.