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Nucifera Spreads Love To Garden Eats

We are obsessive about what we put into and onto our bods at Garden Eats- obviously you are too, I mean, you’re here at our blog after all. Basically, if a skincare product is near-edible, it’s for us. We love our friend Meredith Baird’s luxe body quench, The Balm. Her medicinal grade ingredients are the stuff all personal care products should be made from. It goes on + our hair + our lips + every inch of our skin + {potential} wrinkles + décolleté + feet + under eyes + your baby’s bum … yes, basically everywhere. I even just used it to cup my daughter to help ward off a cold. In a word, The Balm is nourishing. We want you to feel nourished- because Meredith is super sweet, we’re happy that all of our Garden Eats friends can now feel nourished with 10 % off Nucifera. Before you checkout, enter in all caps, code GARDENEATS. If you’ve already gotten your hands on Nuci, tell us how your bod is loving it! xo Advertisements

How To Make Herbal Hydrosols Featured at The Merry Thought

Although we seem to be enjoying an Indian summer this year, cooler temps will soon replace the warmth and the first frost will follow. When I look around the garden this time of year, I think of it as one more chance to collect health-attracting ingredients to be used in the kitchen now or preserved in some way for the seasons ahead. A fun way to use my herbs as fall approaches is by creating hydrosols! Check out my DIY over at our friend’s blog The Merry Thought and while you’re at it, grab your tickets to this weekend’s Upstate Social Sessions. Caitlin and Amanda will be featuring styling and shooting how-tos for blogging in one of the conference’s afternoon break out sessions. Have fun, check them out! Gorgeous photo by Caitlin McGrath of The Merry Thought

SoCal Indian Summer Hydration

Can you say Indian summer in SoCal? I thought just maybe with last week’s drizzle, rain and damp weather that fall was actually on the way… Not so much! Whether you’re in or outside today, it’s hot. 96 degrees hot (and apparently the hottest day of 2016 in SoCal). Here’s a fast, easy, juice or smoothie to stay hydrated and, it’s likely you’ve got all of the ingredients at home already. Drink up & stay cool! Indian Summer Hot In Cali Hydration Ingredients 1 cup frozen blueberries 1/2 juiced lemon 1 Persian or kirby cucumber chopped 1 handful watercress 1 tsp multi-strain non-GMO probiotics {optional} Method High speed blender method 1. Place 1/2 juiced lemon in high speed blender along with chopped cucumber and blend until a liquid consistency is achieved. 2. Add watercress and continue blending to keep the liquid consistency. 3. Add blueberries and blend until all ingredients are incorporated. Add probiotics, stir and serve. Juicer method 1. Add all ingredients one by one to your juicer minus probiotics. 2. Once done juicing, …

Enchiladas de Langosta from the newly released Mexican cookbook Enchiladas: Aztec to Tex-Mex

 Just 2 hours south from me over the Mexican border is the tiny lobster village, Puerto Nuevo- well worth the drive for lunch. Cappy Lawton and Chris Waters Dunn’s Enchiladas de Langosta recipe from their recently released publication, Enchiladas: Aztec to Tex-Mex is reminiscent of one of my fave orders! Yes, the recipe has many steps, yet like all of the recipes in this collection, it is uncomplicated and approachable for any level of kitchen experience. While you can use lobster tails, I suggest using whole lobster. When you grab the book, get two and give one to a friend. Make the Cebolla Encurtida (pickled onions) to gift with the book and Nopalita Salad to take to a party as your side dish. As usual I used all organic and local ingredients. Dairy products were from raw milk and corn/corn tortillas were non-GMO. I added a few variations: //Recipe calls for Mexican lager, but I used Estrella Damm Daura gluten-free lager- keep a few on ice for when you sit down to eat ;). //I added avocado and …

Seedfolk City Farm X Tater Tats

Our friends at Tater Tats and Seed Folk City Farm are teaming up to bring tats & tots together to further the efforts of local urban farms– a portion of the sale from your purchase will be donated  to Seedfolk City Farm in Rochester, NY. Use the code: SEEDFOLK for 10 % off your purchase now through the holidays! … There’s gifts for grownups too! Happy #shopsmall Saturday!