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Your tasty place for organic kitchen gardening + edible landscaping + sustainable living + medicinal culinary therapy.

E A T | G R O W | L I V E

Garden Eats is curated and homegrown by Kath and Christine Dionese, purveyors of organic lifestyle design for modern living.

We explore organic kitchen gardening + edible landscaping + sustainable living + food therapy and are obsessed with featuring all of the local tastemakers who are part of the evolving conversation.

Our fave chefs, travelers, herbalists, farmers, designers, and real people who like to eat will be popping by from all locales to keep Garden Eats fresh. You’ll often find us hosting our friends for ongoing residencies and collabs too!

Collectively our work and writing has been featured at The Today Show, The Kitchn, The Feed Feed, Nourished Journal, Edible Magazine Finger Lakes, Edible Magazine San Diego, Boomtown Table, The Chalkboard Magazine, Poppy & Seed, The Cleaver Quarterly, Foodista, The Merry Thought and dozens of other gorgeous blogs around the web. We have graciously been invited into the homes and gardens of people throughout the US and even virtually in far away locales like Sydney, Italy and Spain to help create personalized approaches to modern sustainable living.

There’s a lot going on between our NY and Cali kitchens. As the growing season on the east coast transitions we’ll talk more about what we keep discovering and creating through food out in Cali.

xo Kath & Christine

Disclaimer: nothing contained within the pages of this website are intended to replace medical advice and are for research purposes only.