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DIY Wreath: Creating Hygge + Merriment with Hannah Betts of Lives Styled

Lives Styled Minimalist Wreath Supplies

Lives Styled Minimalist Wreath How-To Hygge Journal

Lives Styled Minimalist Wreath Hygge Journal

Please welcome back friend, stylist and photographer, Hannah Betts of Lives Styled. Today she’s sharing her minimalist love for holiday decorating. Inspired by Hannah’s minimalist wreath designs she posted to the Lives Styled Instagram last week, I’m having friends over tonight to create some of our own to cozy up our spaces. Check out Hannah’s how-to & let us know how yours turn out by posting pics and tagging #DIYlivesstyled and #hyggejournal with your own version of this minimalist wreath!

W O R D S and photos by Hannah Betts

I love the tradition of the holidays, but when it comes to decorating, I am drawn toward more of a minimalist look. These wreaths are the perfect way to decorate for the holidays in a modern esthetic.

Lives Styled Minimalist Wreath Decorated

Lives Styled Minimalist Wreath Details Hygge Journal

Lives Styled Minimalist Wreath


  • Gold macrame ring
  • Floral wire
  • Decor elements such as stones, gold wire, leather, wooden circles, pinecones etc.
  • Floral and greens- most of mine were foraged from my backyard but you can also pick up some floral and greens from your favorite local florist
  • Glue gun/sticks
  • Scissors or pruning shears {especially if you decide to forage}

I usually start by just playing. Since I like to keep my designs clean, the decor elements used were very simple and neutral in color. Using some floral wire, I wrapped
it around the greens and the circle until it was secure. Treat the greens as an outline for your wreath. The floral and decor elements will come next to fill in the design. You can use anything that inspires you to decorate! I found some vegetable tanned leather that I loved so I used this to wrap around a wooden circle as well as directly onto the gold ring. I took the gold wire and wrapped this as an accent around some stones and also around the greens.

Have fun and happy holidays!

Note: too busy to create, but want one of your own? Contact Hannah by DM to have her fashion one up to suit your holiday home.

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