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UPDATE: WHAT + HOW to DONATE to Standing Rock NOW


If you’re heading to Standing Rock, stay updated on routes in, around and out.

Earlier today, the Oceti Sakowin Camp published alternative routes to reach them through South Dakota. In a post by Reuters at 5:47 pm EST this evening, they reported that North Dakota officials will be acting more “passively” in “allowing” protestors to continue through at least a bit longer, but not for long- if they think people are heading to the camp, they may be faced with a $1000 fine.

You can stay updated on routes via the Oceti Sakowin Camp FB page.

The beautiful headline artwork by Alexa-Milena Pique is being auctioned off via Tribe de Mama- all proceeds generated from said auction go directly to the medics onsite. Medics need a constant supply of  goggles, bandanas, eye flushing materials and trauma supplies to get through the cold months ahead.

Please read the post about a day in the life of a medic at Tribe de Mama.

An excerpt by medic, Sarah Matuszak:

All money raised during this auction will go directly to the medics of Standing Rock. We are so blessed to have many supporters and donations but it is unbelievable how fast supplies go. In two months, camp has bloomed from approximately 2,000 people to over 15,000 people. During an intense action such as what was seen on Sunday 11/20, we go through the majority of our medical stores. On this one day, we went through over 300 pairs of goggles, 150 bandanas, 100 packs of gauze, 200 water bottles, 100 bottles of milk of magnesia, 200 bandages, and a myriad of suture, splinting, and stabilizing supplies. That was all in a 6 hour period. It is because of generous donors that we are able to supply water protectors who are going to the front lines, and that we can care for them when they are injured by the police. I am so grateful that I have never had to deny someone excellent care due to shortage of supplies, and your support ensures that it will never happen. Anyone who needs help will get it.

For an updated list of supplies, please visit this link.

Original post

Kinda hard to celebrate Thanksgiving considering the current situation at Standing Rock. Many of our Garden Eats’ friends and friends of friends from LA + SD have deployed to deliver supplies and get involved directly, but, that’s not a reality for many of us, so instead, we can donate.

We’ve gathered the most accurate information over the past week so that you know exactly what to send and where to send it. We know that they no longer need clothing, or at least not right now, but rather camping supplies are in dire need.

If you want to help, but can’t send tangible goods or money, you can help simply by posting this post to social media or by sending it to someone who does have the financial means to help.

W H A T to send or take with you

milk of magnesia (because of tear gas sickness)
space blankets
subzero temp sleeping bags
wool blankets
hand and foot warmers
wool socks
trauma kits (portable)
suturing kits
straw bales
solar generators
Tesoro gas cards
trailers & campers
snow tires
tipis/tipi poles/tipi liners for winter

continually updated list is found here

W H E R E to send

for USPS:

Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council
PO BOX 1251
Bismarck, ND 58502

Sacred Stone Camp
PO Box 1011
Fort Yates, ND 58538

Sacred Stone Camp
202 Main Street
Fort Yates, ND 58538

for UPS or Fed Ex:

Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council
220 E Rosser Ave #1251
Bismarck, ND 58502

D O N A T E here for resources to be ethically allocated directly and quickly

Sacred Stone Camp Go Fund Me

Sioux Tribe Crowd Rise

Sacred Stone Camp

S I G N the petitions to stop the Dakota pipeline



Rezpect Our Water


Department of Justice: 202.353.1555 OR 202.514.2000

Energy Transfer Partners: 214.981.0700

US Army Corps of Engineers: 202.761.0010 OR 202.761.0014

The White House: 202.456.1414 OR 202.456.1111

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