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Countdown to Upstate Social Sessions 2016 On October 15th







In just under a week, on October 15th, Upstate Social Sessions 2016 will be underway. During last year’s debut, I had the fun opportunity to moderate the panel that featured a few food industry professionals killing it in the social media sector. I caught up with Upstate Social Sessions’ and Boomtown Table‘s co-founder and friend, Leah Stacy to get the dish on this year’s big day and hear about why food industry professionals should be there this weekend.

Garden Eats: Why should food industry professionals attend Upstate Social Sessions this year?

Upstate Social Sessions: These days, everyone has two things in common: social media and eating. (OK, maybe not really… But pretty close.) Social media platforms are free (or low cost), highly effective advertising tools for folks in the food industry. A restaurant’s social media can be utilized for everything from new menu announcements to daily specials. Food trucks can update their whereabouts. Products can share photos and quotes from customers. Branding, of course, is a big deal as well. We’ll be covering several topics throughout the day that dovetail nicely with the food industry.

GE: Which breakout session do you think food bloggers and social media professionals in the food space will take the most from?

USS: There’s a few. If you’re launching a new product/publication/etc., the Kickstarter Best Practices breakout will be invaluable. Styling and curating for Instagram is a great choice for those who need visual tips, and the Personal Branding breakout session is being taught by Rochelle Bilow, who created the social media channels for Bon Appetit (in other words, she knows a thing or two).

“As someone who has a pulse on the ever-changing world of social media, it is SO important to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to help you stay afloat. Upstate Social Sessions can help fuel this knowledge, providing fresh perspectives on the digital marketing landscape from leading entrepreneurs to industry experts. You’ll get insight into the current challenges marketers face and how social exactly fits into our culture and business objectives. As a previous panelist & participant from Upstate Social 2015, I would encourage others to attend as a way to get inspired, broaden your network and expand your thinking!”

Linh Phillips, Founder of Sir Rocha Says, Local Rochester Food & Drink Blog

GE: Food bloggers are all over Instagram stories and Snapchat- are we going to hear about best practices and even newer social video applications?

USS: Yes and yes. Also, analytics! A very important – but often overlooked – aspect of social.

GE: There’s a scholarship, how can people apply?

USS: Here! (Open to both undergraduate and graduate students).

GE: Can you tip us off on any little surprises to watch for this year?

USS: Let’s just say there may be a wall featuring a certain round food… 😉

Get your tickets to be a part of this year’s events before the house sells out!

Visit this year’s sponsors here.

All photos Dan Gribbin


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