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Private Class at The Rochester Brainery With Anima Mundi + Boocha Babe Kombucha




A few weeks ago I taught a super fun private tonics + mocktails class at The Rochester Brainery with help from friends at herbal apothecary, Anima Mundi and Rochester’s very own kombucha fermenter, Boocha Babe.

Knowing this delay of fall Rochester is experiencing won’t last forever, I decided to help the class create simple, yet effective drinks to keep immunity in check and, just have fun playing around with plant-based flavors.

By the end of class we dialed in a few of our favorites and took notes so everyone could whip em up at home as needed all season long!

I explained how mocktails were a great way to stay healthy and social at the same time. You know the drill- you show up to a party not knowing anyone and reach for that ice breaking, socially lubricating cocktail. Some occasions you’re not really in the mood for a cocktail, or, you don’t drink, or, you simply want to sip on something that will help, not possibly hinder your health! And, we know immunity can be vulnerable during the funky weather transitions in Rochester.

Before we roll into the holiday rush & risk a cold or even worse the flu, grab the supplies below and try the mocktails in your kitchen! Once you’ve tested them out, consider offering mocktails during your holiday parties so guests can mingle flavorfully and healthfully, yet, without the typical headache the morning after.

Yerba Mate & Citrus Sipper

An awesome mocktail to serve just before dinner to help aid digestion, absorption of nutrients or digestion after a fatty meal


3 ounces Yerba Mate tea
1 tsp raw honey optional
1 dropper Anima Mundi Adaptogenic
1 dropper Anima Mundi Bitters
Boocha Babe Grapefruit Kombucha
Spearmint or favorite mint for garnish


1. Brew Yerba Mate tea, allow to steep and cool in fridge. Once cooled, in a mixing glass stir together prepared tea, raw honey and adaptogenic. If you like your drinks sweet, go for the honey, if bitter, omit.
2. Into your glass empty one pipette or 1 dropper of bitters into glass. Turn glass in a circular motion so herbal liquid coats glass interior.
4. Pour mixture into glass.
5. Top with kombucha, garnish and serve.
6. Enjoy a nibble on your garnish while sipping.

Joy Tonic Ice Breaker

great for a group of guests who may not know one another- ylang ylang helps break through the shyness so guests can mingle with ease


3 ounces lilac, violet and pomelo water {dehydrated lilac and violet and combined with pomelo juice, can sub your favorite floral water and fresh citrus}
2 tsp Anima Mundi Aphrodisiac
1 spray ylang ylang hydrosol {see my DIY hydrosol here- sub ylang ylang for seasonal herbs}
Boocha Babe Fire Kombucha
Sprigs of fresh oregano or thyme for garnish


1. In a mixing glass, stir together lilac water with aphrodisiac.
2. Spray interior of serving glass with ylang ylang hydrosol.
3. Pour mixture into glass, top with kombucha, garnish and serve.
4. Pass around hydrosol to give guests something to talk about.

Did you know you can schedule private classes at The Brainery? Ask Danielle about it here.

Want to learn more about mocktails and their health-conferring magic? Check out my interview with The Rochester Brainery.

Photos by Danielle Raymo of The Rochester Brainery


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