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SoCal Indian Summer Hydration


Can you say Indian summer in SoCal? I thought just maybe with last week’s drizzle, rain and damp weather that fall was actually on the way… Not so much!

Whether you’re in or outside today, it’s hot. 96 degrees hot (and apparently the hottest day of 2016 in SoCal).

Here’s a fast, easy, juice or smoothie to stay hydrated and, it’s likely you’ve got all of the ingredients at home already.

Drink up & stay cool!

Indian Summer Hot In Cali Hydration


1 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 juiced lemon

1 Persian or kirby cucumber chopped

1 handful watercress

1 tsp multi-strain non-GMO probiotics {optional}


High speed blender method

1. Place 1/2 juiced lemon in high speed blender along with chopped cucumber and blend until a liquid consistency is achieved.
2. Add watercress and continue blending to keep the liquid consistency.
3. Add blueberries and blend until all ingredients are incorporated. Add probiotics, stir and serve.

Juicer method

1. Add all ingredients one by one to your juicer minus probiotics.
2. Once done juicing, stir in probiotics and serve.


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