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Jetting With Pique Tea’s Giveaway

Garden Eats Pique Tea Travel Dionese

Garden Eats Pique Tea

Garden Eats Pique Tea Giveaway

Garden Eats Pique Tea Giveaway Travel Tips

Throughout the last 3 months I’ve traveled over 10,000 miles for work and managed to keep my immune system intact. Garden Eats readers who are always on the go asked me to share some easy travel tips to keep them healthy while traveling.

Along with my tips, we’re doing a sweet giveaway with Pique Tea!

I have Pique tea crystals to thank for my travel tea fix- {earl gray and jasmine are my faves}. I tend to travel with everything I need- I want my snacks and drinks to be organic, so I always pack them ahead. Not that tea bags take up a ton of space, but they tend to rip or wear down as they move around in my bag, later breaking open in my hot water- kind of a drag when you’re sitting on a long flight craving tea or when you wake up and are about to work. Pique hits all of my hot buttons- it’s organic, it’s minimal waste, it’s durable and tiny enough for travel and ohhh, did I mention the design, love it- mod & chic, so fun!

Want to enter the contest? Easy breezy. Follow both Pique and me* on Instagram & tell us YOUR fave healthy travel tip. You’ll be entered to win and our winner will be chosen at random in two weeks! Good luck!

Onto our tips for healthy travel

1. As the Wu Tang clan says, you’ve got to Protect Ya Neck, so wrap up in a scarf! Pathogens blowing around on public transit, on airplanes and throughout airports have too-easy of a path into the body when immunity is compromised, so wrap up {plus it’ll double as a blanket}.

2. Use alcohol-free sanitizer for hands and the area around you. Not only is alcohol drying, studies show it actually invites more bacteria to an area over time {and yay, triclosan was just banned by the FDA}. Try Clean Well’s alcohol-free, thyme oil sanitizing wipes for hands, your tray table, seat arms and the window area {aka any area you plan to touch on the regular while flying}.

3. Organic snacks to keep blood sugar stabilized. When blood sugar is low, the immune system detects a threat- keep it balanced with whole stable fats and proteins + complex carbohydrates. I pack snacks such as pistachios, olives, hummus, dark chocolate and kale chips to fly well.

4. Bring your own pillow, a music source and decent headphones. Sounds simple, but if you’re uncomfortable, it’s going to be a miserable flight. And, when I catch the red eye, there’s always someone who wants to stay up talking while I need to sleep- having my own soundtrack to drown out their gabbing is always ideal.

5. Tea! Tea to help you chill out, tea to help wake you up, tea to keep your immune system in check… Tea basically as a comfort beverage. Definitely why I’m partial to Pique now- variety pack covers all of these bases!

So what’s your healthy travel tip? Share with the Garden Eats community in our comments below!


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