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Lilac Kombucha For Edible Magazine San Diego

Had some dehydrated lavender from a trip to Rochester- put it to the kombucha test with an adapted Weston Price recipe. Today we tried it with Lion’s Mane mushroom powder. So good!

Let us know if you try it!


3 quarts clean water

1 cup evaporated cane sugar

1 tablespoon loose-leaf, organic, black tea

⅓ cup dehydrated white lilac (can use any edible dehydrated flower or herb)

1 tablespoon dried & ground savory

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar



1 heat safe glass bowl or wide-mouth jar

roll of food safe or masking tape

rubber bands

woven cloth/muslin/cheesecloth

muslin tea bags for tea and flowers


  1. Bring one quart water to a boil, remove from heat & pour into heat-safe glass jar or bowl. Add sugar, tea, savory & flowers stirring until sugar dissolves. Cover & steep tea/flowers/savory for about 15 minutes. Remove tea/flowers/savory & add additional two quarts of water.
  2. Add apple cider vinegar & dark side down of SCOBY into liquid.
  3. Cover container tightly with cloth & rubber band. If you chose to use a bowl, cross strips of tape to prevent cloth from collapsing into bowl. Store in a warm, well-ventilated area away from any other plants, vegetables, fruit or compost bins. Prevent any direct sunlight from contacting.
  4. Kombucha will be ready for consumption about 6-12 days later. Look into jar, do you see a little mushroom above the larger? If so, it’s ready to try. Preferred taste is sweet to slightly tart. This particular combo of ingredients will be just that!
  5. If you plan to bottle, remove the mushrooms. You can keep these to make another batch or compost. Using a funnel, fill glass bottles or jars with air-tight lids. Because kombucha is acidic, place a piece of waxed paper beneath the lid.

Tip: I love effervescent kombucha, bottling helps maintain!
This is an adapted Weston Price recipe & appeared recently at Edible San Diego’s newsletter


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