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Plant Meditations With Britton Neubacher of Tend Living

Garden Eats Plant Meditation Balboa Park

Garden Eats Meditating with Plants at Balboa Park

Garden Eats Milan Meditating

Garden Eats Lily Pad Meditation

Garden Eats Milan Meditating

Garden Eats Plant Meditation Mandala

In the new year we’re all learning to lean more towards what helps us feel alive, relax, energize, connect to one another… Om out.

In my own personal and professional life I look for patterns. I always thought I needed the sky and sea to meditate, and, I do, but after observing so, so many patterns it’s indoor plants, outdoor plants, decorative plants, edible plants. Plants that I’m drawn to. In SoCal, there’s no shortage and when I’m back east in Rochester, I try to surround myself in the city’s indoor plant jungles.

There’s even science behind the positive effects of simply being around plants:

  • Improve spatial perceptions
  • Raise personal and career satisfaction
  • Lower systolic blood pressure
  • Increase attentiveness
  • Lower anxiety
  • I didn’t even know that house plants were making a resurgence, I’ve always had them in my life- turns out there’s a “boom” as friend and plant goddess, Britt Neubacher of San Diego’s Tend Living describes. She’s back today for her third time at Garden Eats to share her experiences and thoughts about meditating with plants…

    W H I L E the evidence is there (and growing by the minute), we don’t need hard science to prove to us that we share an innate affiliation with plants and receive profound benefit from their beauty and spirit.

    The desire to commune with nature runs deep in our humanoid design and we know it. So much so that there is a fancy-slash-slightly-perverted term for it called biophilia. Even our aesthetic preferences in art and landscape derive from what is needed for our survival, and our plant friends are at the core of that intuitive attraction.

    Our current houseplant and urban gardening boom is dusting even the 1970’s plantscaping revolution and this green freak couldn’t be more excited to see a marked cultural shift towards the accelerated exploration of shaman-grade plant nutrition and medicine. Plants are healers, teachers, balancers of energy, and the truest of allies. Put even one potted plant in a room where it once lacked another living organism and the transformation of that space, and your experience within in, is, well…radical. We suddenly breathe better, feel calmer, sense an ineffable connection with other life force energy. Even the scent of “green odor” decreases depression and confusion and enhances vigor and mental clarity, and getting into nature for just one hour of or Shinrin-Yoku (dubbed “Forest Bathing”) will infuse us with an entire week of upshifted well-being.

    Simply squishing earth between our fingers can bring on deep meditation and heightened states and while I don’t expect to reach enlightenment this time around, plants make me want to be a better person and conscious cultivator of this sacred cosmic dance!


    My fave indoor plant spots during the colder months in Rochester:

    Lamberton Conservatory {check out Steve Carter’s feed on IG, he has some really cool photos of the plant-life there}.

    The Butterfly Garden at Strong Museum of Play

    Eastman House & Museum

    In San Diego:

    Botanical Garden at Balboa Park

    Check out Tend’s healing garden services and follow them at Instagram!


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