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#OptOutside on Black Friday With Hello Yoga Girl’s Hikyoga™

Please welcome Garden Eats’ friend, Nicole Kazimer aka Hello Yoga Girl from Rochester, NY. This past year Nicole has been hiking deep into the upstate New York woods to help reacquaint the community with nature through yoga. We especially love her purpose because it so authentically and spontaneously connects people who might not otherwise meet in their everyday lives, but get to out in nature — all while attracting health.

Inspired by REI’s #OptOutside for 2015’s Black Friday, Nicole is repping that vibe this year in her own Hikyoga™ way…

Garden Eats Black Friday Hikyoga™ #OptOutside

Garden Eats Hikyoga™ Black Friday Event

Garden Eats: What is Hikyoga™?

Hello Yoga Girl: Hikyoga™ is an awesome outdoor adventure that infuses hiking with yoga! Along the way we pause to embrace the views, foreign noises, fresh surroundings, and of course to stop, drop and yoga. We leave feeling grounded from connecting with nature, renewed from breathing in the wild air and healthy from treating our bodies with love.

Garden Eats: What made you decide to host this event?

Hello Yoga Girl: I have been wanting to host a Hikyoga™ event centered around gratitude and giving back for quite sometime. After celebrating and over indulging on Thanksgiving Day I decided that Black Friday, a day traditionally spent in stores, would be a perfect opportunity to go against the grain, get active and most importantly give back. I came across the trending hashtag #OptOutside by REI and became inspired to show others the importance of stepping outside as well as showing gratitude during this time of year.

Garden Eats: What does an event like this symbolize out in the community?

Hello Yoga Girl: It’s extremely rewarding for me to meet so many fun-loving people and then to watch everyone leave with a smile on their face after Hikyoga™. Black Friday Hikyoga™ enhances the effects of Hikyoga™ as it reaches out to others in our community, not just those on the trail. This event is one of my most meaningful Hikyogas™ yet as I get to lead others through a healthy adventure and touch other people’s lives that we might not even know. The outdoors is a perfect place to clear your mind and make space for fresh new thoughts on how grateful we are for the fortune in our lives we sometimes take for granted.

Green. NOT Greed. :). Hope to see you all there!

Follow Hello Yoga Girl on Instagram & connect more with her below to learn about getting out for Black Friday Hikyoga™.

Garden Eats Black Friay HikYoga


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