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Mod Ikebana Succulent-Style Plant Meditations At Pigment San Diego

Garden Eats Pigment Plant Mandalas

Garden Eats Pigment Air Plant

Garden Eats Pigment Hanging Plants

Garden Eats Pigment Pink Cacti

Garden Eats Pigment Milan

Garden Eats Pigment Mimicry Plant

Garden Eats Pigment Plant Coexistence

Garden Eats Pigment Ikebana

Christine Plants At Pigment

Pigment is the San Diego mecca of everything small batch, artisinal, thoughtfully crafted, quirky, mod, Bohemian, organic, vibrant, natural and beaming with plant life. Situated along the growing artsy block of 30th Street in the heart of North Park, Pigment is a mod Bohemian’s dream. On our recent visit, Milan beelined into the tee-pee in the front “living room” while I ran around playing with plants and other earthy elements.

Pigment is an urban plant oasis where I dip in to quietly meditate. This might sound strange to say of a store, but you’ll get it once you visit. For me, om-ing out is an activity that takes place not from the top of a mountain, but down on the ground, among nature, among people and mostly surrounded by plants and food. Made popular by Scarlett Johannson in Lost In Translation, the art of Ikebana is one that speaks to my love of bringing human beings and nature together. Ikebana flower arranging is based on three essential points that symbolise heaven, earth and humankind. There is evidence of this all around Pigment. To my left a shopkeeper carefully and quietly transferred tiny little cacti into a shallow dish filled with white powdery sand. Along the wall are containers full of glassy stones, colored sand, natural mosses and air plants. Winding through the shop you’ll discover plant mandalas that I stare down into to consider how each plant’s unique details have cooperatively joined one another to coexist.

On this day I chose citrine, white sand and one single succulent to meditate with- the “Royal Flush” split rock mimicry plant. Known to endure harsh conditions, mimicry plants reveal their tenacity over time. I considered how meditating with this plant could help with adaptation, flexibility and living in the now.

When arranging plants you become patient and tolerant of differences as you try to combine roots pointing one way with leaves facing another and soil that is sandy and flowers that are delicate… Pigment provides the scene to imitate nature through Ikebana… to find meditative moments in the otherwise urban chatter.

Sometimes I can be an introverted extrovert, I want to rest, but be among people- Pigment has expertly created a vibe that suits any mood really- they are constantly curating their plant collections to thrive among splashes of color, natural light, chill music and friendly staff ready to interact if you’d like them to…

Check out their collection on Instragram, it’s absolutely beautiful and will make you want to jot on over now for sure ;)… Here’s a few photos from their vibrant feed.Pigment San Diego Instagram Garden Eats

Pigment Instagram Garden Eats

Pigment North Park Instagram

Thanks to friend and photojournalist Lyudmila Zotova for the two shots of me in Pigment actually not being too camera shy. Photos featured throughout the middle of this post were shot by Garden Eats.


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