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COLD Food Therapy Soup For The Chalkboard Magazine Styled By Livesstyled

Garden Eats The Chalkboard Magazine Livesstyled

Garden Eats Livesstyled The Chalkboard Eats Cold Soup

While most parts of the country are cooling off to make way for fall weather, in true Southern California fashion, we’re experiencing yet another heat wave, typical of late summer and early autumn. Our need for hydration not only doubles, but the heat also compromises immunity, resulting in those all-too-familiar pesky coughs and dry, sore throats.

Traditional Chinese medical food therapy has long supplied the remedies for regional, seasonal health concerns such as the “summer heat” or “dry heat” virus. Taking a cue from this wisdom, we’ve been able to adapt traditional recipes for our modern needs with the inclusion of readily available superfoods… Read more at The Chalkboard Magazine.

Thanks to the talents of Hannah Betts + Maryn Holcomb of Livvestyled out of Rochester, New York for styling and shooting my recipe! Watch for an interview with the ladies next month where we’ll be catching up to discuss their muses and inspiration for the art and curation behind their food and lifestyle designs.


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