Chrissy's Gardening Notebook, Grow It!
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Drought Approved: Alt Grass & Succulent Minimalism 

If you’re itching to landscape {I am!}, but have been avoiding digging in, go for it now {quick, quick} while the ground is still moist from the recent tropical rains here in San Diego. Wait much longer and you’ll be back to an inhospitable environment for new plant-friends. 

Go for decomposed granite, barks and boulders. Make a less is more statement by sectioning off smaller gardens instead of covering your entire property with plant-life and fill big containers with succulents that can be easily rearranged seasonally depending on the sun’s intensity. I always look to the midcentury mod landscaping of Palm Springs and Palm Desert to inspire my minimal garden vibe here at home. 

I like to mix it up a bit with tiny, low growing alt grasses and succulents that look like they’re from the sea. My top drought-tolerant picks:

  • Dwarf mondo grass
  • Thyme {coccineus creeping red}
  • Echeveria
  • Asiatic jasmine
  • Aloinopsis
  • Aptenia
  • Blue chalk sticks 
  • Corsican mint
  • Sedum
  • Crassula jade





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