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5 Additive-Free Bar Products & A Bitters Lab Giveaway!

Garden Eats Bitters Lab Small Batch Bitters

Gran Classico Bitter

Garden Eats Bitters Lab Giveaway

Bar and Garden Culver City LA

You don’t always have time to whip up your own vermouth or bitters or simple syrups, but you sure do want them to be derived from pure, bio-dynamic and organic ingredients without all of the funky stuff that commonly gets thrown into liqueurs, syrups and other bar-related products.

When you’ve got to buy, grab these Garden Eats picks or head to our fave shops and feel good about it!

Royal Rose Organic Simple Syrups. Our friends at Royal Rose produce a generous array of organic, small-batch simple syrups out of Maine. Always developing new tastes, we recently tried the Fenugreek in a boozy bourbon coffee granita. Check it out at their blog.

Shrubs. Vinegar, sugar, fruit, veggies, herbs, oils = yummmm. Go for Shrub & Co. if you’re not in the mood to make at home. Some of your favorite bars will sell you their house-made shrubs too- never hurts to ask- the fine folks at Lion’s Share in downtown San Diego sent me home with a sweet sample! If you change your mind and want to make at home, try my coffee shrub syrup.

Dye-free apéritif/digestif. Campari is pretty, but it owes its bright color to red dye # 5 {be thinking ewwww right now}. Instead, ask for Gran Classico- its synthetic dye-free caramel-hue is naturally derived from its over 25 roots and herbs.

Shop at small batch & superior-ingredient purveyors Bar and Garden in LA. Small-batch, kid-in-a-candy-store type experience is the magic that happens here at Culver City’s pure-ingredient driven, Bar and Garden. From sulfite-free wines to single-barrel bourbons bottled exclusively for their shop, you won’t find any products containing artificial colors or additives. Thank shop co-owner Marissa Mandel for this and tell her we sent you! … Look at their calendar, they do tastings too!

Bitters. I use bitters in my cooking perhaps more than cocktails- either way, I’m not down with dyes and synthetic preservatives. A new outfit out of Utah, Bitters Lab decided to go small batch and organic, free from artificial colors or dyes. Ask their owners about ingredients and they say, “our bitters are handcrafted in small batches with real ingredients the old fashioned way – using a time honored tradition.”

Because we love small batch and bitters, Bitters Lab is generously giving away one bottle of their charred cedar + currant bitters today!

Ready to enter? It’s easy, make friends with us and Bitters Lab on Instagram & comment here or at Instagram about what you use bitters for in your kitchen or bar!

Good Luck!


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  1. I would love to try these delicious bitters. I have orange, but every time I go out I try a new-to-me one. So far, they are all amazing!

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