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Teaching Culinary Cocktails at Matthew Kenney Culinary in Venice Beach

Christine Dionese teaching at Matthew Kenney Culinary

Garden Eats Matthew Kenney Culinary Smoking Gun

Garden Eats Matthew Kenney Coconut Bacon Bourbon

Garden Eats Matthew Kenney Culinary craft cocktails & mocktails

Garden Eats Matthew Kenney Culinary Rosé craft cocktail

Matthew Kenney Culinary Garden Eats craft cocktails

Garden Eats Matthew Kenney Culinary advanced level students culinary cocktails

The last time I taught culinary cocktails at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School in Los Angeles I had a blast experimenting with raw vegan cheese, unfiltered wine and fresh, raw kombucha {not to mention their artist/raw chef, Scott Winegard hand-crafted a divine vegan cheese plate to accompany our unfiltered Rosé for after class!}. Of course when education director and friend, Megan Dunn invited me back to teach I said yes!

Situated along the famous arts district in Venice Beach known as Abbot Kinney, is the newly relocated Matthew Kenney Culinary School- voted by Food & Wine as best new cooking school of the year, I was absolutely honored to share a day concocting culinary cocktails & mocktails with their advanced level students. And, of course, I met an entire new group of students from all over the world with culinary backgrounds ranging from holistic wellness to restaurateurs to mixologist enthusiasts- I’m convinced I learn just as much from them when I visit!

Try the Wasabi Sake Thyme Granita we made & let us know how yours turns out.

When in Venice, do visit & dine at the newly debuted Plant Food and Wine, sharing the beautiful new Venice Beach school location.

Thanks to the multi-talented Ms. Casey Dolezal for capturing the cool imagery throughout the day and to instructors Rachael and Peter for being awesome!

Garden Eats Matthew Kenney Culinary Granita Anti-Griddle Polyscience

Sake Wasabi Granita

What You’ll Need

2 cups sake
1 cup organic sugar
12 wasabi leaves (or powder)
⅓ cup thyme leaves
1 cup kombucha

Putting It All Together

1. Purée the sake, sugar, wasabi, basil, and ½ cup water in a blender; stir in kombucha.

2. Pour into a 9″ × 13″ baking dish, spread, cover and place in freezer.

3. With a fork, stir mixture every 30-45 minutes, scraping edges and breaking up any ice chunks as the mixture freezes.

4. Granita will be slushy and frozen after about 3 hours.

Tips: when you’d like to make it a mocktail, replace alcohol with fruits, vegetables or coffee. I like to add strong herbs or essential oils. The kombucha gives this granita a cocktail-like taste without the added alcohol as well. If making a mocktail I like to add essential oils of jasmine, neroli orange, ylang ylang or geranium. Choose organic oils.


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