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Visiting Rochester’s Brighton Farmer’s Market 

Fresh live foods + local vendors + spending $$$ locally + less fossil fuels + organic = Rochester’s Brighton Farmer’s Market.


This past Sunday, Kath, Milan and I strolled over to Rochester’s Brighton Farmer’s Market. Kath wanted to see her fave local growers and I wanted to meet more Rochestarians doing the local growing and food purveying thing… Win, win for both of us. As for Milan, her highlights were hot cocoa from the Java’s Coffee Truck and posting up in front of the band for dancey dance time!

When I think about food and the experience I hope to appreciate surrounding it, Brighton’s Sunday market really steps up. The best way to bring food into your home if you don’t grow it yourself is when it’s still alive- the growers I met, along with our friend John of Bolton Farms all offer lush plant foods plucked-from-their-fields within hours of arrival.

The W O R D S we live by were all present too… Non-GMO, organic, sustainable, local, biodynamic, certified by NOFA, grass-fed, free-pasture-raised, recycling, up-cycling.

Not one, but three vendors offering locally raised, organic meats. {Three years ago I had to send all of my patients and our Garden Eats clients out to the farms or to specialty butchers for sustainable and organic meats, now they can take their pick- awesome!}

And, the vibe- happy, energetic locals who wanted to chat about their new organic certifications, their newly planted urban community gardens now in bloom, teaching kids about organic foods, how they’re doing so well they sell out every week. I loved seeing all the wee ones carrying around baby plants to take home- one little girl with a bunch of rainbow radishes in each hand, while her brother toted his new herb garden in his wagon behind her!

The Brighton Farmer’s Market is supported by the Brighton community and is open rain or shine every Sunday throughout the summer months. More details here!

Pop by again soon, we’ll be catching up with Todd, founder of Lighthouse Gardens and Brighton Farmer’s Market vendor about growing and offering organically certified plants to the upstate New York community.


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