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Garden Eats Features Rochester’s John Bolton In Edible Finger Lakes Magazine

Edible Finger Lakes Garden Eats Bolton Farms 2014 Holiday

With winter quickly blowing into town, many health-minded Rochestarians find themselves struggling to come up with viable, nutritive, local sources of pesticide-free and organic produce. Little can be raised after the first frost making importation a seeming necessity. That’s where John Bolton comes into the picture.

If you haven’t met him, John Bolton, engineer turned hydroponic farmer can be found several days a week throughout Rochester, New York’s market scene offering some of the most beautiful, alive foods you will ever taste. Seeing a practical need for ethically raised, pesticide-free produce, John created a hydroponic facility harnessing the power of water conservation and superior plant-nutrition.

Kath has been enjoying John’s bounty for several years now. When I was in private practice in Rochester, I suggested to every single one of my patients that they go introduce themselves to John to fill their kitchen with live foods all year long. I finally had an opportunity to meet John at the Southwedge Farmer’s Market on a trip to Rochester this summer- he was selling the best (non-GMO) sweet corn I may have ever tasted!

Wanting to share his story with you, Edible Finger Lakes Magazine was sweet enough to invite Kath to feature her interview with John in their recent Nov/Dec issue. You can pick up an issue all over Rochester and throughout the Finger Lakes region to check out the story, Fields of Plenty: Sustainable Living. Lisa Barker, the story’s photo editor captured exceptional shots of John’s facility, him smiling hard at work and of course, John’s gorgeous leafy plant-life.

When you meet John, tell him you saw his story and that we said hi! :).


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