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Cooling Down In Socal This Weekend

Garden Eats Buzz Button Ice

Garden Eats Buzz Button Flower

Garden Eats Watermelon Buzz Button

Garden Eats Szechuan Button Watermelon

Garden Eats Buzz Button Gin Cocktail

Garden Eats Aloe Vera Watermelon Buzz Button

When I first wrote about our three year drought here in Cali it was about keeping your plants from dehydrating while still being water-conscious. Then it was post after post featuring recipes to beat the summer heat. Now, we’ve officially shifted seasonally {according to the calendar at least}, but if you live in SoCal or Baja Mexico or even in San Fran up north where I hear it’s 85 today, you know we’re experiencing yet another heat wave. It’s 95 today, tomorrow 105 with more of the same on Sunday. Santa Anas are blowing too!

Am I making you even hotter? Ok, let’s cool down.

See an all pink cube? It’s pureed watermelon juice + a buzz button.

Half and half with a buzz button? Aloe vera juice + watermelon juice + buzz button

All clear? Buzz button + filtered water + lavender + lime

Oh, what’s a buzz button? Szechaun buttons, known as the toothache herb are pretty much the herbal version of pop rocks. Chew one and a slightly numbing and popping sensation takes over in your mouth. They’ve also been shown in studies (1)(2) to enhance immunological activity by fighting micro-biological invaders such as yeast, parasites and bacteria. If your stomach is feeling inflamed during this heat wave, add some buzz buttons to a cool ginger tea and chew the flowers for relief.

Available at Asian markets and City Farmer’s Nursery here in San Diego, buzz buttons are inexpensive and grow very easily in a semi-shaded, sunny spot at home!

Stay cool Cali!





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