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Mocktail Cocktail M.A.K.E.out Sesh!

Who says that “mocktails” can’t be as good as their counterparts overflowing with booze? Not me!

My friends at the Matthew Kenny Raw Food Culinary Academy in Santa Monica invited me to teach their advanced level students an evening of culinary craft cocktails. With this fun invitation, they asked if I would highlight flavor profiles that could still come alive without the use of alcohol. No problem.

The students were super welcoming and very open to learning about infusing medicinal herbs and superfoods into drinks that could be served to entertain and be enjoyed as healthy tonics as well. And me? Well, they hooked me on gourmet vegan, raw cheese!

Instead of gin, we used fresh, unfiltered kombucha.

The blue cheese and beet garnish? Vegan, raw semi-soft cheese.

We did try a little unfiltered Rose wine in one of our drinks- so good!









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