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Speaking To The IACP

Garden Eats Molecular Mixology

This March my co-author Jeremy and I guest lectured to the International Association of Culinary Professionals. LA based public relations veteran and co-chair of the educational development committee at the IACP, Ms. Trina Kaye invited us to speak about upcoming trends in culinary and craft mixology.

Jeremy and I had an awesome time! We presented ideas about table side culinary cocktail creation and highlighted molecular mixology- where the best of science meets the bar. One of my favorite ways to experiment in the kitchen is by infusing molecular methods into foods- literally. Creating cocktail and mocktail marshmallows, gels and foams without the use of chemicals, but rather the nutraceutical compounds I use in private practice was the subject of conversation.

We swung the talk over to how culinary professionals could make a place on their menus with these new techniques that allowed patrons to experience cocktail culture on an edible, food-based level. Let’s face it, every restaurant everywhere could stand to refresh their menus seasonally. I suggested using similar textures mixed with different flavors to enhance the appetizer and dessert sections of the menu. An amuse bouche resembling the texture of pate featuring savory herbs and flavors while offering a dessert with the same texture, yet rich, sweet nutty and chocolate flavors hinting notes of herbs throughout… And yes, with alcohol mixed in! It takes “rum cake” to a whole new level really.

A newbie to the LA food industry asked me yesterday how I thought they could get involved more. They’re from Ohio and making friends in a big city is tough- seeking out friends in the professional world can be even more daunting for a person in both a new city and industry.

I scribbled down my favorite go-to people around LA and San Diego, then thought of the IACP. Since I’ve given my talk I’ve kept them on my radar- they’re a great association to join if you’re just breaking into the profession. Their lecture series is eclectic- they feature speakers from all corners of the culinary world and allow attendees to participate by asking questions later. Their whole “connect-attend-learn” format allows members to become as involved as they’d like to be and network like crazy if they want to.

Jeremy and I were definitely invited with open arms by Trina- maybe someday she’ll invite me back when I publish my next book on culinary food therapy ;). Check them out even if you’re a veteran in the culinary world and get some reverse-mentoring by checking out what the newbies are up to too!

Have a listen to our presentation and let us know what you think!

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C H R I S T I N E Dionese, co-founder of flavor ID and Garden Eats is an integrative health & food therapy specialist, medical & food journalist. She has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. To balance the more serious side of her work, she loves to concoct, write about and connect people through food & drink. You can check out her latest work at The Chalkboard Magazine, The Fullest and Rochester's Boomtown Table. Christine lives, works and plays between Southern California & Upstate New York.

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