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Say Hi To The Ladies Of Susty Party!



Their tableware is compostable, renewable, sustainable, non-toxic and made in America. They’ve been featured on The View and Shark Tank. We discovered these punchy, yet chic eco-friendly party products at Wegman’s in Rochester, NY and had to know more!

Please welcome the lovely ladies of Susty Party! We caught up with Emily and Jessica to discover how these nature loving, entrepreneurial spirits are not only greening parties far and wide, but also creating socially conscious opportunities in the community.

Read on…

GE: Jobs for the blind? Tell us more, that’s awesome!

Susty: We partner with the Clovemook Center for the Blind, Envision Industries and other non-profit members of National Industries for the Blind to produce our products and create training and employment opportunities for blind and visually impaired individuals. Check out this video.

GE: We recently discovered you in Rochester, NY at Wegman’s (good job, not an easy feat to get in there) not too far from BK. When we’re in California, we’re overwhelmed with sustainable choices, but we’ll be frank, the choices are limited in small areas like Rochester. What is the key to your pitch when encouraging businesses or cities that are just getting on board with recycling, upcycling and sustainability?

Susty: Besides our focus on sustainability, we also focus on style and function. Our products are sturdy and premium quality. We take great care to make sure they are beautiful and that our customers enjoy using them for entertaining. We’ve found that no matter how green or sustainable a business or city is, there’s always a demand for well made products. When people love using the products, they love to find out that the produts are also sustainable and create a positive impact. That’s a win-win scenario.

GE: We served drinks in your colorful, sky blue polka dot cups at Milan’s 2nd birthday party. Are your cups, plates and bowls suitable for hot and cold beverage and food?

Susty: Yay! The cups, plates and bowls are indeed suitable for both hot and cold beverage and food. In fact, the plates and bowls are also oven (up to 420 degrees F) microwave and freezer safe.

GE: What renewable resources do you use and how are people actually saving money (in the long run) by choosing Susty? This is an important question that will help parents understand why they’d want to spend an extra dollar or two on tableware for their kid’s parties.

Susty: Rather than using plastic which is non-renewable and comes from oil, we choose plant based materials such as tapioca starch, grass fiber and even salvaged wood and 100% recycled paper..This saves a great deal of water and energy use and pollution from occurring during production.

GE: You’re a B certified company, awesome. Tell readers what that means and why it’s important.

Susty: B certified businesses are a new way of doing business that legally binds companies to create a positive impact on people and the planet, as well as a positive return to shareholders. It’s basically a way to make the world a better place through business. Learn more at

GE: How you met is cool- at a party, and totally hit it off! We love to share stories about collective visions coming together to bring great things alive. Emily, what environmental advice or tip can you share based on seeing the world with your parents?

Susty: My parents and I have seen the most beautiful inspirational underwater eco-systems over the course of our travels but we’ve also witnessed great destruction. We are concerned about changing ocean habitats, and this is happening due to human-impact issues such as climate change and increasing pollution in the ocean. Millions of pounds of plastic pollution enters the oceans every hour and drastically affects marine life. One small tip is to avoid plastic as much as possible.

GE: Congrats on your journey so far! Your partnership with Whole Foods, your dedication to the environment and your unwavering commitment to creating jobs for communities in need is well, just incredible. Can you offer a glance at what’s on the horizon for Susty?

Susty: Thank you so much! You can expect new products, innovative new materials and wider distribution. We’ll create more jobs for communities in need and make it easier and more fun to host a Susty Party!

Party on!


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