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Water Tips During This Week’s Drought In California

Today was going to be the day that we told you all about the exciting stuff ahead at Garden Eats in early 2014, but that can wait, the current California drought is more important.

We’re getting calls and emails from clients about water usage and we really appreciate your thoughtfulness- it’s awesome to have people asking about how to conserve water or what plants might be okay without as much water, etc.

In case you’re back east or somewhere else in the world, us Californians are experiencing the driest conditions in over 100 years. It didn’t take long to hear from our farming and ag friends nearby that animals and crops are suffering from what is our third year of a drought. We hear farmers are organizing toward the capital this week to demand pumping restrictions be re-evaluated and that water from other districts not experiencing problems help out those who are.

To Help Save Water… and yes, we’re even listing the obvious steps this time

1. Limit all car washing unless sanitary issues arise… In some areas this is mandatory
2. Only run water and on low when rinsing or washing hands, produce or a toothbrush directly
3. Do not overfill pots for boiling water
4. Limit watering of cosmetic grasses and plants
5. Take shorter showers, skip hair washing for several days or use dry shampoo
6. When you take a shower, place a bucket in with you to catch excess water. Use this to water plants indoors and out.
7. If you’re planning a garden, ask us about xeriscaping and using native plants to maximize water usage and soil nutrition for edible landscaping.

Check out how other Southern California families are saving water here.


1. Be sure YOU, small children and pets are staying hydrated throughout the day
2. Eat water bearing vegetables and fruits
3. Limit intake of salty foods

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C H R I S T I N E Dionese, co-founder of flavor ID and Garden Eats is an integrative health & food therapy specialist, medical & food journalist. She has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. To balance the more serious side of her work, she loves to concoct, write about and connect people through food & drink. You can check out her latest work at The Chalkboard Magazine, The Fullest and Rochester's Boomtown Table. Christine lives, works and plays between Southern California & Upstate New York.

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