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The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending With Flair Hit Bookshelves Today!

Christine Dionese Jeremy LeBlanc Saffron Plum Sour

Searsucker The Metropolitan Garden Eats

Christine Dionese Jeremy LeBlanc Crawling Milan

Christine Dionese Jeremy LeBlanc The Jade Cloud

I woke up today with cool messages from friends back on the east coast, “just ordered my copy of your book” and “hey, your book is on the shelf at the Barnes and Noble by my house!” Jeremy and I are so excited today- our new book, The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending With Flair is officially released as of this morning! To celebrate, we’re giving away an awesome set of the Tin Play Precision Pour Flair Tins we used to create the craft cocktails in this collection!

The contest is a breeze to enter, here’s how:

1. Purchase your copy of the book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble,* email a copy of your receipt and voila, you’re entered to win.
2. B O N U S: if you purchase multiple copies of the book we’ll enter you in the contest for the same number you buy!

Thanks for sharing in our excitement with us. Cheers!

*If you purchase in-store at Barnes & Noble or another local bookseller, please email a photo of your receipt.


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