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Tend’s Britton Neubacher Pops By Today

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A living-design firm whose creations speak for themselves, but one we love to brag about being friends with is Tend, SoCal based interior and exterior plantscaping artists. Tend creator, Britton Neubacher joined us today to chat about her latest collaborations with other San Diego design talents, sustainable landscaping and the whole-health benefits offered by infusing plants into the living space.

Garden Eats: You’re a pro at bringing the outdoors in. We love the Gollypods, they’re so fun! What are some of the other new, fun designs you’ve been up to at Tend? Any new collaborations to look forward to?

Tend: Thanks, we love them, too! Speaking of Gollypods, the creator Jason Xavier Lane and I are teaming up with sacred geometry artist Jetter Green and opening an experimental launch pad in Klassik on Kettner in Little Italy. We will use a corner of the 
Mid-Century mecca to showcase individual works, prototypes, and collaborative musings. I will also highlight some of my webstore exclusives, so a store within a store within a store if you will, opening July 1.

GE: We’re thinking of building a living wall in our dining room instead of hanging traditional art. Along with offering everlasting aesthetic delight, what are some health, wellness and lifestyle benefits you like to highlight when offering this service in people’s homes?

Tend: There have been numerous studies on the benefits of plants relating to physical and mental wellness along with increased productivity, such as one plant placed every 10 feet can filter the off-gassing caused by paint, carpet, plastics, and other nasty chemicals rampant in our living spaces. But beyond the compelling facts and figures there is an indescribable communion that occurs with plants inhabiting our homes on this scale…like a cherished member of the family that lives and breathes and transforms along with you.

 GE: Ahhh, yes, we share the sentiment about plants becoming family members… Many of our clients ask us to help create movable and modular edible gardens. Container gardens can be easy to manage and an easy way to change up the mood of one’s space. Do Tend’s designs translate to the outdoors? We’re putting in a new patio- could the Gollypod do well out there? How about the orbs? Can they hang outdoors?

Tend: While I shy away from big landscape projects, I love to design “pocket gardens;” intimate outdoor vignettes inspired by my micro designs, writ large. Gollypods are very happy outdoors except in freezing temperatures (like any ceramic) and orbs thrive in bright outdoor shade or dappled sun under an overhang such as a pergola or porch.

GE: What we love most about Tend is that you choose plants that are sustainable- they use little water and seem to last forever. What about planting these elements into the ground? Because they use little soil and many can live in sandy environments, wouldn’t many make great suggestions for sustainable landscaping?

Tend: Indeed. Almost any succulents or cacti can become mature landscape plants, particularly in temperate but sunny San Diego. I recommend they go into the ground once any container, including orb glass, starts to significantly crowd their growth.. I think about half of our yard is composed of former orbie contents! One of the reasons I adore drought-tolerant plants is because they are environmentally AND human-friendly, proving to be quite forgiving when we get overly-distracted with our human stuff. 

GE: Our orb is presently outgrowing its home, great transplanting suggestion. Thanks for dropping by Brit! Look forward to checking out your new collaborations in-person soon!

Check out Tend’s Instagram to see how they’re transforming the terrain here.


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