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Out Smelling The Flowers, And Planting Them!

Garden Eats neighborhood

Garden Eats neighborhood hibiscus

Garden Eats neighborhood poppie

Garden Eats Sage

Garden Eats neighborhood orange flowers

Garden Eats neighborhood paradise

Hey everyone! We’ve been offline and in the walking, talking, real world the past two months. Christine has been finishing her book and I’ve been out and about helping plan gardens, giving a few fun garden talks and developing this year’s planting plans for our own personal gardens.

We hope you enjoyed our guest feature with Mary Ann Lana of Hopscotch and Dandelions! She’s made some incredibly awesome and admiral changes to help clean up her family’s food choices and meal planning. They recently went all-organic and gluten free.

Juli Novotny of Pure Mamas also recently dropped in to give us a candid look at how easy it really is to prioritize our time so that our kids get the very best organic, pesticide-free foods into their bodies!

If you haven’t purchased your seeds yet, get on it, the non-GMO, organic ones are going fast! You can check out my guide here to make it simple and easy to choose the biggest variety of organic, non-GMO seeds.

Our friends at Tendliving and AcroAma Organic Blends will be here over the next couple of weeks to chat about choosing environmentally sustainable plants for landscaping and a taste-testing of organic spices and herbs!

We L O V E your comments and notes- we are catching up and will be answering more of your questions soon here at the blog. One thing you’ve all been asking for is our salad growing and herb guides. Those articles are in the Garden Eats library- we’ll be sure to do a feature shortly to help get your salad and herb planters going too!

Facebook is the best source to check out what we’re doing from day to day out in the field. I just posted a photo of one of my personal salad planters and the easy steps to follow at your home.

Hope everyone has a beautiful, sun-filled weekend! See you all soon!


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