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Culinary Craft Cocktails: Searsucker Sunday Photo Journal

Capturing the perfect shots of culinary magic and cocktail craftiness is fun, yet not all that easy. This past Sunday we shot at San Diego’s favorite restaurant and cocktail lounge, Searsucker, in the heart of the Gaslamp district. While patrons enjoyed their brunch, we hung with the early am staff bar-side to create what are some of our best book-ready shots yet. Our fun (and hilarious) photographer, Mr. Sean Cassidy makes this stuff look way too easy! Sunday’s shoot featured many of our more food-based drinks making it imperative to get the timing down. As Sean put it, you can’t have a wilted lime or a foam without pouf! Jeremy carefully peeled, sliced and shaped tiny pieces of Maytag blue cheese, fresh beets, ginger and basil while I slowly stirred our chili pepper-infused mango jam to reach just the right consistency.

We know the staff was tired as we rolled in at 8:45 am, but they could not have been nicer or more helpful… and they brought us coffee! A special thanks to Brian Malarkey for inviting us to shoot at Searsucker and to those guys for letting us share their work space.

Just like the creations we featured last week, these too can be built in such a way to exude the fullest of flavors, sans alcohol. Check out the photos and stay tuned as we share more mixology secrets soon!

Garden Eats Craft Cocktails Jeremy LeBlanc & Christine Dionese

Searsucker Garden Eats Fausto mixologist

Garden Eats Searsucker Lounge

Eat At Searsucker Garden Eats

Searsucker The Metropolitan Garden Eats

The Searsucker Garden Eats

Garden Eats Craft Cocktail Pomegranate Kumquat Martini


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