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Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving only days away, it’s time to finish up that menu planning! Shouts out to our friends at Our Tiny Earth for turning me onto Fisher Hill Farm of Canandaigua NY, who will be providing an organic, free range, hormone & antibiotic free turkey for our dinner table this year. All of that AND the birds are fed non-GMO grains! Aaaahhhh, supporting your local community and knowing what you’re eating is such a satisfying feeling! One to be thankful for let’s say! You can find the Fisher Hill farmers –  along with many other amazing organic local vendors – at the Brighton Indoor Market on Sundays from 1pm-4pm. All things Thanksgiving are available, meaning less time spent in the grocery stores fighting through the masses, purchasing corporately made foods and more time spent with friends, family & the people that make up the community that you live in! Give thanks this holiday season by supporting your local businesses & communities, wherever it is that you call home!


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