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Introducing The Baby Food Garden

Did you know that you can save over 600 dollars a year making your baby’s food at home? Add growing baby’s food and you are well onto your way of over a 2000 dollar a year savings. That’s huge! Who wouldn’t want to save money while feeding baby nutritious homegrown goodness!

Have a little munchkin on the way? What better way to welcome them into the world this season than with a garden all their own! Today we’re excited to introduce the at-home baby food kitchen garden! With my own little bundle on the way, grandma Kath and I decided to blend our know-how of medicinal foods and garden- growing to offer you and your family just what baby needs!

Now is the ideal time to schedule with us about planning your baby food garden if your baby is arriving in the next several months. We can have your garden planned, planted and ready to go so it’s blooming in time for baby’s first introduction of whole foods!

Don’t think you have enough space or are living in an apartment or urban area? No problem, we’re space savers– we can help you create a thriving space for baby’s blooming foods just about anywhere!

Send us an email to get us over to your place today! Tell us a little about your space- photos are very helpful! If you send us a photo we’ll even come ready with a few ideas.

Can’t wait to see all you new parents soon!


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