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Limited Spots Left For Our Gluten Free Cooking Class At Rosario Pinos

Hey everyone! Just a few spots left in the Italian inspired gourmet GLUTEN-FREE cooking class I’ll be teaching over at Rosario Pinos in Rochester, New York next week the 28th.

Ready to sign-up now-here’s the link to get your limited spot now!

See you all there next week!



  1. Connie Lembaris says

    I am interested in attending the gluten free class. How do I sign up?

    • Hi there. We have a few ways of presenting our gluten free classes. The one you commented on was a class held publicly last year at Rosario Pino’s in Rochester, New York. We DO however consult privately to individuals, families, cooking schools etc to offer gluten free classes. We do these via skype, FT, or in person at your home. If you’re interested in setting something up privately, please let us know! Thanks!

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