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Family Garden Fun Created By Another Jennifer

Earlier this year Jen Barbour, the creative mind behind, Another Jennifer, interviewed Kath & I to fuel inspiration for garden projects that would involve the entire family. With whimsical, practical and urban appropriate on the agenda, we shared ideas we hoped would infuse these needs. After a few months of digging, planting and tending, Jennifer shared her family’s progress with us.

Check out the cool before & after snapshots below along with the natural eco-friendly elements her kids added to the flow!

Jen Shares With Garden Eats

You’ll see we’ve come a long way! We’ve done a lot of trimming and/or removing of overgrown plants and shrubs. We took down a couple of old trees that were leaning into the sidewalk and preventing other trees from growing. (The previous owners planted four big trees right next to each other). We’ve added loam, compost, mulch-as it was non-existent when we started digging around.

We found lots of rocks, decorative and otherwise, in the nooks and crannies of the yard. We’ve reused them as stepping stones in various places or I let the boys create rock sculptures in the gardens. We have our birdhouse, which was made by my brother-in-law and painted by me and my son. We also have our concrete leaves (link above) as decorations.

Each year, I’ve planted more and expanded the gardens. My mom is an avid gardener. I was able to start my gardens from scratch fairly easily by using clippings from her gardens in Massachusetts. Some worked and some didn’t, but it saved a lot of money! My next project will probably be a raised garden for veggies. I need to do raised because of our dogs and the not so great soil. I’m also hoping to incorporate some Rose of Sharon, which I believe my mom has, as per your advice. We’ll also be creating a patio in our backyard….eventually!

Send Us Your Pics

Visual tours are perfect for inspiring new projects as well as gardening trials and tribulations. Thanks to Jen’s hard work and pic-snapping, we can share her before and after garden glory with you! If you had us out to your house or garden this summer for a project, we’d love to see how things are coming along!

Thanks Jen! Let us know when it’s time for the raised beds to go in; they’re our favorite to grow!



  1. Jean Iacovelli says

    Jen’s gardens are looking better and better each year. So glad to see she gets her creative gardening talents from her Mom. And, yes, there is a nice Rose of Sharon waiting to be planted in the Barbour garden. . . . Thoughts from a proud Mom!

    • Ah, thanks for the comment Jean! We’re so excited to see how everything comes to fruition in Jen’s yard. We come from a family of gardeners as well! I have learned so much from my mother and grandmother. One of the most enriching ways to spend with family!

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