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Easy Eats & Must Haves For Burning Man

Just received some wires from friends about to descend on Black Rock City, Nevada-the playa that is expected to host 50,000 visitors to the annual Burning Man festival (although I heard 60K today, Wikipedia sites attendance will be capped at 50K). When I attended in ’02 for “The Floating World” there existed a three-page website outlining the “leave no trace” mantra-bring only what you need, but bring it, because it won’t be found there (at the time coffee and ice were available). And, when it’s time to leave, take everything including the kleenex you blew your nose on five days ago! Fairly simple requests that were surprisingly complied to by most everyone we encountered.

Last year I was invited as a playa “medicine-woman” to be sure everyone was hydrated and eating. No matter what society you’re immersed in, Utopian or otherwise, there’s gonna be drugging and drinking and not a lot of eating (resulting in a potentially un-expected, un-fun time for some). At the last minute I couldn’t go, but donated a huge box of natural and food medicinal goodies for my mates to hand out to those in need (trading helpful supplies is encouraged on the playa).

If you’re still packing, I’ve added to the list this year-pop by the health food store to grab these essentials before getting on the road.

Your Natural Medicine Kit:

  • Alacer Emergen-C
  • Alka Seltzer Gold
  • Nux Vomica
  • Arnica Montana (internal and topical) or Topricin (topical)
  • Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver (gel that covers wounds)
  • B 12 dots
  • Rescue Remedy Spray
  • Raw aloe vera gel

Food & Drink:

Tiny Extras You’ll LOVE Having:

Clean Well Natural Sanitizer (spray and wipes-great for mid-day playa refresher sans shower)
Essential Oil Spray
Peppermint Mouth Wash
THIS organic toothbrushes (if you can get your hands on one)
Just Natural dry, water-less shampoo

And of course, good old-fashioned water. Tons of it. My festival-friendly, socially conscious clients at Plus One Water are offering a Burning Man special on cases if you still need to stock up-they also make for a great trade when you’re out on the playa (email me for an order, I’ll even do the leg work for ya)!


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