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Jot It Down Now For Later

The forecast in the Northeast yesterday was rain, rain and more rain (which was good, because we really needed it). Our lawns are greening up again and we won’t need to water our vegetables. While Mother Nature was taking care of the ground, we decided to “take stock” of how our gardens are doing by jotting some things into our garden journals. We talked about garden journaling back in the spring when we planted our seeds and new transplants. Remember how excited you were to get your garden growing and eating that first ripe tomato?

Today is a great day to look outside at your gardens and think about what you might do differently next year. Maybe you planted too many tomatoes but wished you had planted more broccoli. Here in Garden Eats’ garden, because we had such a hot July, our spinach seedlings bolted before we could enjoy them. We’ll jot that into our journal and know that next year we’ll plant spinach seeds in late summer & early fall since they thrive best in cooler temps. The stalks of our red onions got “wind-whipped” in early June, so next year they’ll be protected with some home-made cardboard wind shields. And those plum tomatoes we thought would be a great companion to the Early Girl and Beefsteaks? Eighty percent of the crop had blossom end rot while all the other varieties are still growing strong. Note to journal: no plums in next year’s garden.

Writing all these garden adventures in a journal is a great way to look back and realize what worked and what might not have. Nothing in the garden is ever a failure, it’s always an experiment!

Soon we’ll be discussing end of summer harvesting tips. Tell us about your successes and what challenges you’re looking forward to taking on next year so we can share ideas with other gardeners!


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