Grow It!, Kath's Gardening Notebook
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The Scent of Tomatoes Reminds Me Of…

The sites and smells of the garden are continual reminders of my childhood. My favorite scent comes from the leafy vines of the tomatoes!

On the other side of my mother’s overflowing flower gardens, our neighbor’s, Doc and Jo raised every vegetable and fruit possible. Us kids would put on our rubber boots (that would continually get stuck in the mud, that we would often return home without or would require my father to pull us out of), climb through the tiny line of trees dividing our yards and set to picking beans, tomatoes and anything else we could get our hands around.

Jo would corral us from running around the four huge greenhouses by affectionately yelling, “get down to that stand and sell something.” You know, back in the day, when folks could drive up to a stand on the side of the road and pick up an entire week’s worth of pesticide-free produce for about five dollars!

Today’s Tomatoes

The recent rain showers have left our tomatoes very happy today! While some plants like the baby spinach and beet roots lay down after a heavy shower, the tomatoes are all about it, “springing” up to attention!


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