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In Case You’re A Late Bloomer This Year

Ready? Begin

As mentioned yesterday, we’ve been away from the computer and busy in the gardens! How about you? Did you get out to your favorite garden store last weekend to grab your vegetables and annuals? Memorial Day weekend is the “official” start to the gardening season in the Northeast. If you haven’t yet, get those plants and seeds in the ground and enlist the kids. They love to see their plantings grow and will be more likely to “eat their veggies”!

Seeds or Six Packs: Crash Course

It’s not too late to start your garden from seeds. The soil is just warming up to welcome new seed plantings. It’s tempting to plant those tiny seeds very close to each other, but you will save a ton of time by following standard spacing directions. Generally, the bigger the seeds, the deeper they go, while lettuce seeds like to be covered with just a ¼ inch of fine soil. Never let your soil dry out once you’ve planted your seeds. They need a drink every day to gain strength to pop through the soil. You’ll see your tiny sprouts within 7-14 days.

Don’t Be Afraid

Why not try a new vegetable that you haven’t yet grown! If you like green beans, grow snow peas next to your snap beans. In addition to your cherry tomatoes, try the grape varieties too! Have you ever seen a purple tomato? The garden centers are adding more and more heirloom tomatoes every year (watch for an article from Chrissy on why heirlooms are important to our food-ecology). The heirlooms offer many different tastes, color, and sizes… Grow curly leaf spinach AND baby spinach- they’re great together in a
salad! Variety IS the spice of life!!

Your Questions

… Are really important to us and especially other Garden Eats readers! While we’ve been outside digging in, tons of questions have flowed into our email boxes. We’re in the fun process of answering them now! Yesterday we received an anonymous question asking if compost should be green. If you’re out there and could send us a photo of your compost and what exactly you’ve been putting into your composter, we’d be happy to answer! In general, for the record, compost looks like dirt! Sometimes it’s a little clumpy, but overall, compost has an earthy smell and dirt-like appearance.

Does your question sound similar to this one? If you have a concern about color, photos will always help us discern! Feel welcome to post your pics and questions to our Facebook wall or tweet us for shorter ones here!

You also asked for our growing list. It’s coming soon too! Much to come! Happy weekend!

Photo by DNFisher at The Eden Project in Cornwall, UK.


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